Jillian Michaels Quitting 'Biggest Loser' for Pregnancy?

Jillian MichaelsJillian Michaels is quitting The Biggest Loser, and she's made it clear she wants to become a mom. But for a woman who is known for her detailed Twitter and Facebook updates to her fans, she's being awfully vague about her path to motherhood. Could the woman who said pregnancy would be too much for her body earlier this year still be debating pregnancy?

In a Tweet that showed up Wednesday, Michaels said, "I want to take a year off TV and focus on becoming a mommy and doing more charity work." Next, she admitted she got bitten by the Mommy bug last year while filming her reality show, Losing It With Jillian, where she went into the homes of actual families with kids. She's continued to answer fans' comments, but she has avoided the subject of pregnancy like the plague.


You can't blame her. When she told Women's Health that "pregnancy ruins your body," she was challenged by women across the blogosphere who claimed it was all about her wanting to be thin. She was forced to open up about some pretty painful issues in her past: she revealed she has polycystic ovary disease and endometriosis, both conditions that make for a challenging ride to fertility. Michaels admitted this spring that it would take surgery to address them if she wanted to get pregnant.

It's led the media to assume adoption will be the way to go for Michaels. And she has admitted in at least one tweet that she's facing a home study -- ostensibly for adoption. She could simply be skipping the "p" word just to avoid being misquoted and pissing off the blogosphere again.

But we can't rule out pregnancy entirely -- and not only because we'd love some real-life tips from this world famous trainer on slimming down postpartum. For one thing, she's broached the subject of surgery. She knows it's a possibility. And doctors are optimistic about the chances of women with polycystic ovarian issues getting pregnant with some form of fertility treatment.

If anything, one of the biggest hurdles for these women isn't whether or not they should talk to a doctor about fertility interventions, but how they'll afford them. Michaels won't face that challenge: in addition to her work on TV, she's written three best-selling books, launched Empowered Media, LLC, has three games for the Wii, and the list goes on. She has the financial means to attempt pregnancy ... if she so desires.

We realize she said she'd never get pregnant; so did I and about half of my girlfriends. We all have kids now -- carried in our tummies. People change. It happens. She's a 36-year-old career woman who has decided to put it on hold for kids. She's changed too.

Either path she takes to motherhood, it's clear Michaels is excited. Her website already refers to her as "one busy mama," and some day, somehow, she will be one. Congratulations!


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