'Teen Mom' Has Gone Horribly Wrong


Amber PortwoodMTV's Teen Mom was good in theory -- to give teens a real-life look at just how difficult it is to be a teenage mother -- but instead of being a deterrent, it's actually encouraging teenage girls to get pregnant so they can be on the show.

There's been plenty of musing about how it glamorizes teen pregnancy since it and other shows like 16 and Pregnant first hit the air, but one of the saddest things I've seen in print came from Rob Shuter at PopEater:

... industry insiders tell me young ladies are so eager to be on reality TV that they are actually getting pregnant just to score an audition.

And why not? Amber. Farrah. They don't even need last names they're so famous. They grace magazine covers, and their every move and awful tattoo are analyzed the world over. Nine months of pregnancy and a kid for the rest of your life are a small price to pay for that, right?

It's heartbreaking that young girls are desperate enough for fame that they would alter their life in such an irreversible way and bring another life into the world for that purpose alone.

And what of all the girls who get pregnant for an audition and don't make it?

There are only so many slots to fill. So when they don't make it, then not only are their dreams dashed, but now they're 16 and pregnant and have no way to support their baby financially, emotionally, or otherwise.

I have a hard time bashing reality television and typically eschew Hollywood haters who say celebrities and television are leading to the demise of the country. No, Jersey Shore isn't going to contribute to world peace, but it's entertainment. Teach your children well, and they won't go out smooshing just because "The Situation" does.

The problem is too many parents aren't teaching the important things well enough -- self respect, confidence, self love -- or their message isn't strong enough to compete against the lure of fame and fortune.

Are you shocked that girls would actually get pregnant just to get an audition for these shows?

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LoriA... LoriAnn87

I think that is just wrong for girls to get pregnant to just be on the show.

poshkat poshkat

its sad that these girls are getting preg on purpose to try and go on TV. but i dont think teen mom glamorizes pregnancy, we see these girls on tv every week struggling with their relationships, money, a place to live, and most of all their feelings towards their babies. its not an easy road to take (i have not taken it) and its definitely not glamorous

MaNdY... MaNdYbEaR2010

Wanna hear something funny? I've been saying this from the beginning. But of course nobody listens. "don't you see how hard they have it? They'll make the kids stop and think" bull. like I said before, they'll just WANT to get knocked up to be on tv.

MaNdY... MaNdYbEaR2010

poshkat, what many people fail to realize the majority of the audience are KIDS!! Do you really think they're going to pay a lot of attention to how "hard" the famous people's lives are?? Or do you think they'll be saying, oh hey they're on the cover of so and so again.. I wishi I could....

sweet... sweetheart1985

I cannot stand this show. It's disgusting to take these girls who have made TERRIBLE choices (and I can say that, because I did the same damn thing) and show case them. I realize it's HARD for them, but they're in the spotlight... and that's prettttyyy much all a teenage girl wants to have. To be famous.

I'm sorry, people can defend this show all they want, but it's a terrible influence, and I think it should be taken off the air.

poshkat poshkat

you are right mandy. the majority of the audiences are teen aged girls who only see the covers of the magazines, and the interviews, but where are their parents who should be instilling in them COMMON SENSE, mothers should be telling their daughters that babies are not easy, having discussions with their daughters and sons about how its not all happy go lucky and really look at the episodes, these girls on there have no jobs, most of them didn't finish high school, they are relying on unreliable boyfriends/fiancees, no money to buy formula (i have only seen one girl trying to breastfeed), and one of the girls actually admitted to smoking pot and than abandoned her baby, where was her mother?? sitting right beside her calling her own grandchild IT and screaming at her daughter to be a better mom. so no this show does not promote teen pregnancy as something glamorous.

kerwo... kerwolfe712

If a teenager is watching this show, and willing to get pregnant just to be on it, then their parent hasn't done their job.  A television producers job is to make t.v. shows that people want to watch.  It is a parent's job to instill values in their child.  I don't expect my daughter to learn about sex, contraception and what it means to be a parent from a television show.  That's my job.

Fallaya Fallaya

Teen Mom is NOT a realistic depiction of teen motherhood.  With the exception of Caitlyn, the girls on the show have nice apartments and nice cars.  Why not show the ones on welfare, who have to live in their parents'  less-than-modest home or else they can't make ends meet?  Or homeless?  Why can't they show what it's like to be sleep-deprived for months because your baby has to be fed every few hours, day and night?  What about trying to afford costly formula?  In my opinion, Teen Mom glorifies teen pregnancy.  

rainb... rainbowcool19

Wow, I've been saying this from the beginning, Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant are not good shows. They show irresponsible kids, stereotypical lives, and not a real description on teenage motherhood. MTV makes it look all easy by showing the moms having ok cars and apartments. What's the point of this show? I thought it was to influence teens to practice abstinence, but if you show that everything turns out ok, what's the whole purpose?

Sultr... SultryLadyBug

No I am not shocked....kids are getting stupider every day. The world has lost morals and goals. Everyone just wants to be an instant star....there is no more dignity in becoming famous.

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