6 Gifts for the All Natural Mama-to-Be

If there was ever a time to focus on ridding your body of chemicals and toxins, pregnancy would be it. And if you have a first-time mama-to-be on your list, then you probably know someone who is very concerned with making sure that everything is organic and all-natural.

None of us moms want toxins going into our baby's tiny body, but when we're pregnant, many of us are even more conscious of the chemicals in every product we use or eat or buy. After all, pregnancy is the time when our babies are most in need and their growth is the most dependent on us. Everything that goes into us also goes into them.

So, here are a few ideas for the all-natural mama-to-be who wants to live her life a little more chemical- and toxin-free.


Pregnancy products: $10.95+

This is a great gift for the mama-to-be in need of some pampering. With all-natural ingredients and an emphasis on organics, these body washes and lotions should provide any new mom with peace of mind and comfort throughout her pregnancy.

Organic nursing gown: $119

This gown is made of all-natural organic cotton with low-impact dyes. It will fit the mom's growing belly, be comfortable and pretty at the hospital, and carry her into the early days at home with the baby. It allows for easy nursing and comfort. What could be better?

Birthing from Within: $13.57

This book contains a number of artistic and creative exercises moms-to-be can do to visualize the birth and release fear. For the mom determined to have an all-natural birth, there is no better book to help that process.

Business of Being Born: $5.99

If there is one film that demythologizes the birth process and opens up the truth about hospital births, it's this Ricki Lake documentary. Any mother who is confused about her birth plan could benefit from seeing this.

Shower filter: $58

This shower filter will take out any harsh chemicals from the water, letting the mom-to-be bathe in clean water. It's designed to be used with an existing shower head. What could be more luxurious than a spa-like experience at home?

Exercise ball: $15.98

An exercise ball is crucial as the mom-to-be reaches her final weeks. It's great for aching muscles, but is most important in the beginning of labor. Sitting on it really helps to ease pain. Later she can use it to get her abs back after the birth or soothe a crying newborn in a natural way.

What are you getting the all-natural mom-to-be?


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