Werewolf Names Trend Is Bad News for Moms

jacobTwilight fans have a chance to bay at the moon today. Werewolf names have been declared the hottest new fad for moms looking to ensure their babies are trendy.

Which may be the worst news for originality since last year, when it was a coven of vampire names taking over America. 

Moms, we hate to break it to you (OK, really, we don't, we're just supposed to say that), but name trends are not all they're cracked up to be. And this werewolf one may be the worst yet.


Sure, your child will be able to find personalized keychains and plastic mugs in every rinky dink souvenir shop in Myrtle Beach. But you'll have to be putting last names on every Superman Valentine to ensure they don't get mixed up among the 16 first graders with the same first name.

And if we trace this werewolf thing back to the originator of all of today's trendy vices -- ahem, Twilight -- this trend is only piling on the problem. Jacob -- also known as sexy shirtless Taylor Lautner in the film version of the teen books -- is the best known werewolf out there. But that is already the most popular name in America for boys and has been for 10 years running according to the Social Security Administration.

Encouraging more moms to go werewolf will mean more Valentines to Jacob B. and Jacob R. and, oh yeah, don't forget Jacob L. Enough already, moms!

If you must throw your kid into the dog pack, at least avoid the alphas and go for the betas to give your kid a fighting chance. Try these:

From Twilight: Quil, Embry, Seth, Jared, Paul

Avoid: Jacob, Sam (Samuel is 27th on the Social Security list), Leah (28th on the list)

From True Blood: Alcide, Gus

Avoid: Coot (it's just too weird)

From Vampire Diaries: Avoid Tyler (it's 28th on the SSA list) and Mason (34th)

From Nightshade: Calla, Ren, Bryn

Are you going to follow this trend?


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