Watch a Doll Give Birth, Placenta Included


Can you imagine a doll going through pregnancy and birth, with an umbilical cord and a placenta? She even breastfeeds and baby-wears. What am I talking about? MamAmor Dolls.

If you're a natural birth advocate, breastfeeding guru, or baby-wearing addict, these dolls will make you smile. Either as a collector's item or for your child, they present a new, more natural way of looking at doll-play.

Or maybe you're looking for a not entirely anatomically correct way to explain birth and breastfeeding for the soon-to-be Big Sibling? Because trust me, these will explain some ... or at least create some interesting conversation.

You've got to see the doll birth in action!

The dolls start out being pregnant, with their nice big bellies:

How cute is the crocheted undies set? Anyway, when you're ready, Mom doll is going to start giving birth through her elasticized crotch hole!

Or if you prefer to demonstrate a breech or sunny-side-up birth, go right ahead (sorry, I don't think any of them have c-section zippers):

Congratulations, a brand new baby is born! Complete with a snap mouth, and a snap-on, twisted-cord umbilical cord, with attached placenta-blob.

Once you've clamped the umbilical cord and removed it (unless you're going for Lotus Birth, and then leave it on!), and put on baby's custom cloth diaper, baby needs to eat. Fortunately, Mom's nipples are the other side of the snap, so baby can "latch on" with ease! Don't you wish real breastfeeding was that simple?

And when baby's all done being born, diapered, and fed, Mom can strap baby in the custom Rebozo wrap or ring sling and wear baby. And if baby gets hungry? No worries! The mom's clothes all have discreet breastfeeding slits!

Honestly, I'm torn between finding it rather weird and finding these entirely brilliant. After getting over my initial shock, I'm leaning towards brilliant. I want my kids to think of breastfeeding and birth as totally natural, and what better way than to even include it as a normal thing for play? I like the breastfeeding aspect especially, since I don't give my daughter bottles to feed her dolls with.

What do you think of the dolls? Would you buy them?


Edit: If you do want to buy one, they're sold at MamAmor Dolls -- currently sold out, but will restock in time for the holidays!


Images via MamAmor Dolls

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WOW... What a way to traumatize a child! LOL NO, I would NOT buy those for my kids.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Oh wow this is kind of funny and no I won't be buying one. Well, maybe, so I can gross my kids out when they are teens in 10yrs or so...wait that's what YouTube is for.

Smile... SmileyMoo

My children witnessed me give birth. I don't feel like they need a birthing doll to teach them what I SHOULD be teaching them as their mother. But for the mothers that are uncomfy with being as open as I am with their children. I could see it as being an educational tool. I think it'd be a little odd for them to just play with lol

kht828 kht828

Um...that's kinda cool...but a little weird.

sweet... sweetheart1985

I think those are really neat!! I don't know if I will be buying them, but I think they're super cool!!

Gina Crosley-Corcoran

Actually, I think my 4 year old son would LOVE this doll!  He already knows more about birth than most grown women, and he can't wait to see his little sister being born.  He's fascinated with biology and science, and really loves to see videos that would probably gross out most adults.  If it weren't so expensive, I'd consider buying it.

Rebecca Fisher

I think those are good but then i don't lie to my children and say things like the stork brought etc i tell them where about on the womans body the baby comes from

airadan airadan

I want one!

ethan... ethans_momma06

At first it's kinda shocking because... come on, in THIS culture that stuff is all 'Hush Hush' and kept away from the general public. So the first thought (generally) is how could you ever buy that for a child, right? There is already 'Pregnant Barbie' who gives birth the PC way- you open up her stomach from the side of course!

Once you get over it though I really  think this is an amazing idea. Do you realize how many GROWN women ( some of them pregnant too) who don't know about the placenta? If I had a daughter I would def. put this on the list of things to get her.

Fallaya Fallaya

I like the breastfeeding part...but the rest...I'll pass!!

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