Watch a Doll Give Birth, Placenta Included

Adriana Velez | Dec 7, 2010 Pregnancy

Can you imagine a doll going through pregnancy and birth, with an umbilical cord and a placenta? She even breastfeeds and baby-wears. What am I talking about? MamAmor Dolls.

If you're a natural birth advocate, breastfeeding guru, or baby-wearing addict, these dolls will make you smile. Either as a collector's item or for your child, they present a new, more natural way of looking at doll-play.

Or maybe you're looking for a not entirely anatomically correct way to explain birth and breastfeeding for the soon-to-be Big Sibling? Because trust me, these will explain some ... or at least create some interesting conversation.

You've got to see the doll birth in action!

Honestly, I'm torn between finding it rather weird and finding these entirely brilliant. After getting over my initial shock, I'm leaning towards brilliant. I want my kids to think of breastfeeding and birth as totally natural, and what better way than to even include it as a normal thing for play? I like the breastfeeding aspect especially, since I don't give my daughter bottles to feed her dolls with.

What do you think of the dolls? Would you buy them?


Images via MamAmor Dolls

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