5 Gifts for the Cranky, Overdue Mom-to-Be

Snooki SlipperFor all the glory of pregnancy, there's also a lot of difficult, uncomfortable, and flat-out gross things that go along with it too.

But it's all worth it, because at the end of those 40 weeks, a beautiful new baby will arrive -- the wonderful reward that will make it all worth it.

Only when 40 weeks arrives and a baby doesn't, well then pregnancy can start to get pretty perturbing, especially during all the holiday festivities.

If you have a mama-to-be on your list who'd rather be holding her baby in her arms than her uterus at this point, here are a few gifts she may enjoy:


Snooki Slippers $24.99 at snookislippers.com

Her feet may swollen and sore, so pamper her with soft, cozy slippers. The fact that they're made by Snooki from Jersey Shore just may make her smile too.

Neck Massager

Heated Neck Massager $64.99 at Sears

Help her relax at the touch of a button. This Heated Deep Kneading Shiatsu Neck Massager from Connair will help relieve some of the tension.

Sex and the City Collectoin

Sex and the City Collection $170.99 at Amazon

Every episode of Carrie and the girls is here in one set. It will help the hours fly by in a flurry of shoes, sex, and drama.

Belly Chime

Belly Chime $42.88 at bellygifts.com

These sweet necklaces are just the right length to rest on a mother's stomach. They emit a soft chime with movement that's designed to calm both baby AND mother.


Dark Chocolate Gift Box $32 at Godiva

You can never go wrong with chocolate; it makes everything better.

Any other ideas for overdue mamas?

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