Sleepaway Fertility Camp? Are You In?

Once you've made the decision to pursue fertility treatments, navigating the complex world of drugs, procedures, and treatment schedules, which must be followed with pinpoint accuracy, can be really challenging, to say nothing of emotionally exhausting.

Some fertility clinics do better than others at preparing their clients for it. One clinic in Germany even hosted a "Fertility Camp" for its patients in late November.

Can you imagine what "Fertility Camp" might be like? In reality, I am sure it's just day-long classes explaining couples' options and the treatment process, and maybe giving people tools to manage the emotional side of it as well.

But let's imagine if fertility camp were really like a traditional sleepaway camp ...


Arts and crafts: Decorating sharps containers; turning used medicine vials into a charming Christmas elf village;

Sports: Nighttime swimming (so no one sees the bruises on your butt from the injections), kickball games pitting the secondary infertiles against the primary, or the IUIs versus the IVFs;

Ghost stories: Terrifying tales of a couple who spent $300,000 on treatment and never got pregnant;

Campfire singing: "One Hundred Vials of Gonal-F on the Wall," "Needles and Pins," and anything using the word "baby" you can sing without sobbing; 

Infertility bingo: Instead of combinations of letters and numbers, the squares feature symptoms, diagnoses, and side effects. "Congenital azoospermia? BINGO!!!"

Sound fun? I don't think so either ... it's a camp no one wants to be able to go to!

Would you go to infertility camp ... and what would you like to do there?


Image via ktylerconk/Flickr 

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