6 Holiday Gifts for the Anxious First Time Mom-to-Be

Pregnancy is a stressful time, but pregnancy around the holidays can be a lethally stressful situation.

Between the wrapping and the parties and the eggnog (you can't have), it's exhausting. Plus, many first time moms-to-be are just naturally full of stress. There is labor and delivery to consider, a baby you can't see yet, a new life on the horizon, and nothing to do but wait.

Ease that for the new mom with a number of holiday gifts designed to help her de-stress, like: 

Mama Rub: $16 per bottle

These come in a four-ounce frosted amber glass bottle with black pump. It's a completely green product made with organic and fair trade ingredients. It has a "chocolaty, coconutty smell with a hint of rose simply from raw unrefined high quality butters and infused oils." Yum. Sure to make any mom-to-be smile and enjoy rubbing her belly.


Pregnancy chime pendant: $33.21 on Amazon

This little chime can hang on a long enough chain to reach the belly, so both the mom-to-be and her baby can hear and enjoy it. The noise will help her relax and remember to breathe when she starts to freak out about all the little things still left to do before the baby comes!

Relaxation socks: $6.99 per pair

A simple gift that will help the mom-to-be's tired feet sing. Certainly there is nothing a pregnant mama craves more than a foot rub, especially after being on her feet all day shopping or baking. So help her take a load off with a couple pairs of these socks for the holidays.

Prenatal massage package: Different increments, starts at $125

This spa gift certificate is good for services at 5,000 different spas around the country. I cannot imagine a better way to relax than a nice prenatal massage. She can also use it to beautify before the big day with a pedicure and manicure. So splurge a bit and make the mom-to-be in your life very, very happy.

Lavender eye pillow: $21.25 from Amazon

This is a simple gift that works wonders. Between the relaxing scent and the light eye pressure, this pillow will help relieve the mom-to-be's tension and stress. Not quite as good as a trip to Bali, but we do what we can.

Nursing necklace: $12 from Etsy

This necklace will ease the stress over nursing for the mom-to-be. No chemicals to worry about with this one. It will allow the baby to have something to grab onto and play with while she nurses without stress on the new mom.

What are you getting moms-to-be this year?

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