Mariah Carey Pregnant With Twin Diva Babies?

Mariah CareyWill it be double diaper duty for Mariah Carey and Nick Canon?

Some say a "slip" during a recent Radio Disney interview may indicate the couple is expecting twins:

"I just hope that they don't turn out hating Christmas!" she said after noting she sings songs from her new Christmas album to her stomach.

Twins are pretty big conclusions to jump to based on that alone, as some people use "they" when they either don't know or don't want to reveal a baby's gender, but then again ...


Mariah is 41, so use of fertility drugs -- which ups the odds of multiples -- isn't out of the question, especially since she had at least one known miscarriage previously. She and Cannon were also reportedly spotted at a fertility clinic earlier this year.

And while she hasn't announced a due date other than spring, she does appear to be on the bigger side for someone with just a singleton pregnancy. Of course, that could be the angle, or the way she's carrying, or the cape, but the cape could also have been an attempt to disguise how big she really is.

Or perhaps the "slip" was intentional, and the diva extraordinaire is basking in the maternal glow and having fun making everyone guess?

It could also be a ploy for publicity while pimping her crazy new line of jewelry and shoes on HSN. Seriously, have you seen the stuff? Perhaps twin hormones clouded her design decisions a bit and now she needs whatever help she can get unloading it.

But one or two, any offspring of Mariah's is destined to be a diva (or divo?).

Mariah's pal Nicki Minaj recently predicted for Us Weekly the kind of life a baby of Mariah's will live, especially if one is a girl.

"If it's a girl, oh my god, that baby is going to be the most diva baby in the game. The baby is going to have freakin' diamond bibs and diamond rattles and it's going to be crazy."

One party whose definitely rooting for a double delivery -- the diamond industry.

What do you think -- does Mariah's "slip" mean twins?

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