Martha Stewart Will Be Best Grandma Ever

If there was anyone who was born to be a grandmother, it's Martha Stewart, and it looks like some lucky embryo is about to get her.

Alexis Stewart, Martha's 45-year-old daughter, has been trying to have a baby via IVF for years. Now it looks like it will happen through surrogate. In 2007, Alexis told People:

I'm single now, but having my own kid is the most important thing in my life, so I am trying everything I can: fancy doctors, expensive drugs, high-tech procedures ...

Martha, who is arguably the queen of all things domestic, is said to be on board. Of course she would be. Think of the baby shower! The holiday baking! The birthday parties!

Can Martha be my grandmother? Here's why she will rock:


She will be thoughtful: We all know Martha will help the little toddler make homemade thank-you cards with personal touches.

She will preserve memories: Who needs to scrapbook when you have Martha Stewart as your mom? That whole ohmygodIdidnotmakethebabybook stress is gone. Poof! She has it under control.

No-stress holidays: She wants to do everything? Fine by most new moms! I basically never want to be called upon to make Thanksgiving dinner, but if I have to be, at least make it long after my children are in diapers.

Great baby shower: How do I score an invite to this one? All the games, the little appetizers, and the decorations. It's going to be epic and all the fetus has to do is be present.

Martha will have great stories for her grandchild about her time in prison and great lessons about avoiding insider trading and being honest. She will teach us all about graciousness even in new motherhood and will likely prepare two months' worth of food when her daughter is a new mom.

Am I living in a fantasy or will she be the best grandma ever?


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