Forget the Stork! How to Tell Facebook You're Pregnant


pregnancy testThere comes a time in every pregnant woman's life when she finally has to come out of her happy bubble and tell the rest of the world. A little preparation is in order -- you could be facing ear-piercing happy squeals or a whole lot of nothing.

Fortunately, when you make the pregnancy announcement on Facebook, you can make a screenshot of the best comments to save forever. And if they say something mean, they don't get the satisfaction of seeing you run into the bathroom to cry (you do get to hit "unfriend").

But do it wrong, and your 643 "friends" will all know you're an oversharing idiot with raging hormones. So before you become a particularly embarrassing entry on STFU Parents, how about a don't list for announcing your pregnancy via social network?


Hit Facebook first. So you're obsessed. You check for "likes" and "pokes" before your morning pee every day (which you'll soon find becomes a dire situation when you're pregnant). You're still better off telling the important people in a personal way before you start tagging them on your sonogram pictures. Get this list out of the way first:

Go into detail. All references to hemorrhoids, basal temperatures, and strange hairs growing on your face should be excised before you hit "share." Remember, your fifth grade math teacher is about to read this. He didn't want to think about your vagina when he was explaining long division; he doesn't want to think about it now. This also applies to all status updates going forward. No one really cares about your mucus plug.

Fake people out. The "I'm pregnant, haha," status thrown up at 2 a.m., then mysteriously taken down two hours later, will make people start wondering if you're drunk Facebooking again.

Need some help with the how-to? Check out these fun ways to make the announcement on Facebook. 

What are the worst pregnancy faux pas you've seen on Facebook?

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Carey... Carey2006

The relationship status.....pretty sad when people find out that they are single again by seeing their SO has posted that they are single!

moder... modernmom2010

One of my BFF announced the details of her miscarriage on FB, and that's exactly how I found out she had one. I felt bad for her, but I don't think I could share something that personal on FB with everyone.

betha... bethany169

My sister-in-law updated her status on FB to say congratulations to us before I even had a chance to reach my parents and brother and sister to tell them.  DH had told my MIL not to put it on FB but she forgot to tell SIL.  I was pretty pissed but whatcha gonna do?   

ilove... ilovemy_bump

i have a "friend" who post every day, 6 weeks 1 day, six weeks 2 days...its like okay we get the picture your pregnant! oh and she isnt even keeping the baby..well accordeing to her facebook!

Lizzie Gowers

My mom and sister were up for a visit when I took my EPT test, to find out if we would be having a second baby; it said pregnant! My husband was deployed at the time, and he'd been home for emergency leave when my dad passed, and we planned to see if it would take, and after he went back to finish his tour, h would ask me at least once a day if I had taken the test, lol. Finally, on Skype, before he could ask, I held up the stick...his jaw dropped, then he was jumping up and down! After he knew, I called his mom and dad, and told them. THEN, I posted a pic of the stick on FB after leaving a status message that said, "So...I took a test today and says I'm pregnant. Making an appt. with my doc to confirm!" Two days later, my status read, "CONFIRMED!!"

nonmember avatar LMS817

Had a "friend" post that she and her husband are going to start trying to get pregnant. No one needs that much detail about your family planning...

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