Pregnant During the Holidays? Keep That Secret

hidingThe only thing harder than being pregnant during the holidays? Hiding your pregnancy during the holidays.

Oh, there are plenty of reasons to do it -- you aren't past that first trimester and you don't want to jinx things, you're waiting to tell certain choice family members face-to-face and you won't see them until the new year, you just don't feel like getting the third degree -- but holidays are fraught with hurdles for the pregnant woman in hiding.

First up? The relatives.


There's no time like Christmas for the nagging well-meaning older generation to start asking you pointed questions about the occupancy of your womb. You may be set on keeping a secret, but it will be hard to hold your tongue the fifth time Aunt Bertha asks, "When are you going to give your mother some grandchildren?"

Be strong. Restrain yourself from divesting yourself of the secret and from telling Aunt Bertha it'll happen when she finally gets that dead tooth looked at. You're counting on these people for gifts at your baby shower.

You'll need to stay calm for the next obstacle.

The dreaded champagne toast. Chances are slim that one sip will hurt your baby, but if you don't want to take your chances, that's understandable. Just beware the first thing people tend to think when a woman of a certain age abstains from the alcohol isn't "oh, she doesn't want any." It's almost guaranteed that the person who puts two and two together will screech, "Whaddya mean you don't want any? Are you pregnant?"

Come with a game plan. Maybe you're on medicines that don't mix well with alcohol? The designated driver for the night? If you give them the excuse before they make the comment, your secret is safe.

How you tackle the buffet table is up to you. You can pretend you're dieting -- another excuse out of the alcohol -- because you're starting to pack on the pounds. That will explain away the growing belly to those who noticed.

Or you can eat like there's no tomorrow. Anyone who sees that will expect you to be a little bigger the next time they see you, and your stomach will oblige.

Grab your girdles ladies, are you ready?


Image via almostsummersky/Flickr

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