The Latest Infertility Treatment: Underwear

Fashion for Fertility underwearStruggle with infertility no more ladies! An intimate clothing company in Australia claims to have the answer for us. Underwear that will get us pregnant!

No, we're not talking about some semen-laced panties a la Monica Lewinsky and her blue Gap dress with Bill Clinton's man juice on it. The "fertility-friendly" underwear and sleepwear is brand new and aimed at enhancing your natural fertility.

Aussie undies designer Mitch Dowd, who claims to have started a boxer revolution back in the '80s, has even convinced a pharmaceutical company, Bayer Australia, that the idea will work.


Bayer is co-sponsoring the line to help "raise awareness of pre-conception planning and fertility and aims to assist the one in six Australian couples who have problems conceiving." Before you send your hard earned American dollars down under, a few things to consider:

First up, the "Room to Move" fitted trunks for men are supposed to give guys more room in the pouch area. It's a pretty clear play off the idea that tight undies will lower a man's sperm count, thus making it hard for him to make babies. According to the Dowd site, "Research shows loose fitting underwear using breathable materials may assist in healthy sperm production."

Unfortunately, most scientists will tell you that's just a myth. The tightness of a pair of underwear has been found to have little effect on the sperm.

Second problem? The female line looks like it will be useful after baby comes, with button-up tops designed primarily for easy breastfeeding. Sounds great, but what does that have to do with fertility?

According the Dowd site, "Fashion for Fertility ambassador Lindy Klim says that pregnancy is physically demanding so looking after your body before, during, and after pregnancy will help you and your baby. 'A sleepwear range designed for breast-feeding is a great idea and will help women get used to motherhood,' she said."

Ladies, being in a "motherhood" state of mind isn't what gets you pregnant. If it did, the 468,988 babies born to teenage mothers here in the states each year probably wouldn't happen. On the flip side, the 6 million American women who deal with infertility could just "frame of mind" it away.

Then again, with that many women dealing with infertility, we could use all the help we can get. Even if it's just a comfy pair of undies to shimmy out of for a little babymaking.

Would you give them a try?

Image via Mitch Dowd

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