Forget the Stork! How to Tell Your Boss You're Pregnant

pregnancy testThere comes a time in every pregnant woman's life when she finally has to come out of her happy bubble and tell the rest of the world. A little preparation is in order -- you could be facing ear-piercing happy squeals or a whole lot of nothing.

With your boss, it could be even worse. Although employers are legally prohibited from firing a woman just for announcing she's pregnant, it's still awkward to tell the person you work for that you'll be taking a good chunk of time off somewhere in the not-so-distant future.



Wait until the second trimester to break the news. With friends and family you may make the announcement early, but the chances of miscarriage are greatest during the first trimester. There's no point in making this announcement if you don't have to.

Research the Family Medical Leave Act. Know your rights before you walk in the door, and you will feel more at ease ... and the boss can't pull a fast one on you.

Be happy about it. Grouchiness is contagious. Let's keep the "ooh, it's the hormones" jokes at bay with a little smile.


Threaten. Chances are saying "did you hear the story about the company that got sued for $1 million for not letting a new mom pump at work" is not going to get you that extra week's maternity leave. Just saying.

Get cutesy. It's bad enough you'll have to answer questions like "will this affect your ability to work late hours?" Do you really need the boss thinking about how you waved a stick covered in your urine under her nose?

Ignore it. When you suddenly start passing around a sonogram picture, even the idiot boss who only got the job because he's the nephew of the big boss will start figuring it out. You're about to be a mother; act your age, not your (growing) pants size.

Give details. Uh, your boss has more or less figured out you're not a virgin anymore, and no, he doesn't want to know that the extra large condoms break easily.

Have you told your boss yet?


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