Should This Couple Get an Abortion? Vote Here

monstersAre you currently eating anything? Then put it down, because these people are going to make you sick.

Pete and Alisha Arnold have been chronicling their pregnancy on their website. They've posted updates from OB appointments, videos of ultrasounds, all the stuff that normal people do. The difference? Their website is called Birth or Not, and it features a poll asking people if she should abort their healthy fetus shorty before 20 weeks, because they claim they are not sure if they are ready to be parents. Despite, I might add, two previous pregnancies, which ended in miscarriage. Hint to the Arnolds: If you're not sure you want to be parents, then quit getting pregnant. Birth control works, like, 95 percent of the time.

Pete even ever so charmingly admits one of their reasons for putting off having children was "to finish our childhoods."

They are 30.


After reading the site, I'm going with the theory that this is a clumsy pro-life stunt meant to make a point about abortion; they repeat often that this is a chance for voters to have their anti-abortion or pro-life votes counted with real-life consequences, which sounds suspiciously like taking the abortion debate to its least nuanced conclusion. People do have to terminate pregnancies late in the game, and almost always it's for terribly tragic reasons. To imply that anyone who supports a woman's right to choose values children as little as they appear to is just ridiculous. It's one thing to think the option should exist while hoping no one ever has to use it; it's another to treat a fetus as just another possession to be discarded at will.

Coming from a background in infertility, this just makes my heart break for all the people who would do anything to be pregnant with a healthy baby boy, like Alisha Arnold apparently is. And even if this is all a clumsy Internet hoax, what kind of people would even joke about ending the life of their baby? Especially to get their 15 minutes of fame? As awful as it sounds, maybe they should abort as they have no business parenting a child ... or, ideally, they'll decide to have the baby and Child Protective Services will be waiting in the delivery room.

It may just be that they have no moral compass whatsoever and are reveling in the attention and the AdSense checks. If you can honestly look at an ultrasound of a 17-week fetus you're sufficiently excited about to seek prenatal care and update your website with the latest, and then cavalierly decide to terminate it for no reason except that the Internet tells you to, you do not deserve this child or any other. You ask the Internet to decide what color you should paint your living room or whether you should cut your hair, not this. Paging Keith Olbermann ... time to start up "Worst Person in the World" again, for serious.

What do you think ... are they monsters or is this an elaborate hoax? Do you think they should get an abortion? Tell us in the comments.


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