Pregnant Woman Killed: Did She Deserve It?

Pregnant women get hurt, beaten, or killed far, far too often. Think Laci Peterson, Lori Hacking, and Jessie Davis. And those are just the names that make the news.

But a case out of Seattle is particularly horrifying. Twenty-five-year-old Michelle Kitterman is dead because the wife of the father of her baby killed her in a rage over their affair.

It's like the ultimate case of blaming the woman (and the baby) for the man's betrayal. It's despicable, no doubt, but 35-year-old Lacey Hirst-Pavek, who now stands accused of murder, might have done better if she'd aimed that anger in the right direction.

I'm not defending the affair and I'm sure I would have been beyond furious as well, but why is the man still alive in this case? And why is a pregnant woman dead?


Let's review the facts: HE was married. HE chose to not use a condom (or however she got pregnant) and HE chose to step out on his wife.

So, again, why is the mistress the dead one?

There is no defense for sleeping with a married men. As a married woman, I get the anger. If this were me, I would want to kill both of them, I'm sure. But I would control myself. At least I hope I would. And in the end, if one had to die, he would be the more likely bet.

Instead, this women stabbed and beat a pregnant woman to death and left her alone in the snow. And before that:

Prosecutors say Hirst-Pavek initiated the plot to kill or injure Kitterman because Kitterman was having an affair with her husband, Danny Pavek, and became pregnant with his child. Documents filed with her charges state that Hirst-Pavek became so jealous she sought to hire someone to beat up Kitterman so that she would lose the baby.

Despicable. On all counts. And the person who is the most innocent in all this? Is the person who is dead.

What do you think of this story?


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