Put Down That Cigarette or Else ...

As if there weren't enough reasons to put down that pack of cigarettes, here is a new one: moms who continue smoking 20 cigarettes a day during their pregnancy are 30 percent more likely to have a repeat offender criminal child.

The study looked at close to 4,000 children born between 1959 and 1966, whose mothers were asked about their smoking habits. When the children were all at least 33, their criminal record checks were conducted and, it turns out, the children of smokers were more likely to be repeat criminals.

So, let's see. If you aren't convinced by the other risks -- low birth weight, preterm birth, and stillbirth -- maybe this will do it?

Now, I am not a scientist by any means and I don't argue with this data, but I do question whether it is the smoking itself or the type of person who smokes that led to these results. 


There are physical repercussions from smoking that are clear and studies can prove, but these social repercussions may be something else.

Maybe a mom who is likely to smoke is someone who is a rule bender, who has an addictive personality. Maybe she would be more likely to pass on her rebel genes to her son who would then become a repeat criminal.

There is no science to the study, but it's one of the questions that always arises out of studies like these: which came first?

No matter whether you think this study is a crock or not, the fact is smoking is bad for you. And smoking while you are pregnant? Is bad enough to be criminal.

What do you think the connection is here?


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