Are Joints the New Cigars?

marijuana joint“I’m having a baby and wanted to get a buzz."

That's what an expectant father in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, told officers after being caught smoking marijuana in hospital's smoking shed.

A nurse smelled something strange and confronted the glassy-eyed man, who fessed up and pulled a bag of pot out of his shoe.

Police were called, the unidentified man was to be charged with marijuana possession, and he was asked to leave the hospital.

No word as to if he missed his baby's birth, but what a buzz kill that would be.

Oh, if only Proposition 19 had passed, and he lived in California, this wouldn't be an issue.

What's a proud papa to do these days?


Cigars used to be handed out when a baby was born, but with lung cancer and all, those have been become a bit passe.

So pass the joint?

There are medicinal benefits to marijuana and all, so perhaps joints will become the new cigars? Boxes full of doobage for dads to distribute to friends and family to announce the family's new addition -- covertly, of course.

Pink ones for girls, blue ones for boys.

Baby shower gifts could include bongs.

Personalized rolling papers would make nice favors.

Stoner music has been shown to have some soothing power for babies, after all, so a singalong after toking up could just help your baby once he or she arrives.

Oh yeah, the baby's arrival and mom back there laboring away.

Well, some of that may pass by in a bit of a haze, but hey, "no worries" right?

Your child is coming into the world, it's time to celebrate.

A final thought -- a smoking SHED? At a hospital? Seriously? 

How would you react if your husband was caught smoking marijuana while you were in labor?

Image via Torben Bjorn Hansen/Flickr

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