20 Pregnancy Symptoms They Don't Warn You About


Pregnancy books are full of the same information that tells you you'll poof up, get stretch marks, your breasts will swell, you'll probably puke, your sense of smell will improve, and Hallmark commercials will make you cry harder than Steel Magnolias.

There are lots of other things to know about your pregnancy as well, things that don't get mentioned nearly as often, really strange pregnancy symptoms, and some that might be too embarrassing to mention to anyone.

So, what weird things might you face during pregnancy? Let's take a look:

1. You can get nosebleeds. This actually is often due to the increased blood in the body, causing the blood vessels expand. I was shocked to learn this after waking up looking like I belonged in a horror movie.

2. You might be a snot factory. If your nose isn't bleeding everywhere, it might be dripping mucous. Your body can make you stuffy, which can be a relief from your overwhelming sense of smell coupled with nausea.

3. Pushing anything out can be tough. Constipation is the bane of many a pregnant woman, though take heart ... days before birth, your body will often clean you out pretty thoroughly. Don't push too hard trying though, or ...

4. You'll get hemorrhoids. Painful, embarrassing, and annoying. Get some Tucks pads or witch hazel wipes/pads. Pat rather than wipe. Ouch.

5. Random hair growth is normal. Unfortunately, I'm not just talking about your curly locks, but it's not uncommon for pregnant women to sprout random hairs in other places, like their back, shoulder, butt. Ew.

6. You might sweat ... a lot. Wake up drenched in sweat? You might be pregnant. While there are other serious things that can cause a sudden sweat-bath, early pregnancy can be considered as well.

7. You'll look like a road map. Veins can pop up everywhere, especially on your legs. Just what you need to complement the stretch marks, right?

8. Your favorite phrase will be: Is it hot in here? Hot flashes aren't just for women in menopause. I became aware of this one after wanting to strip in my OB's office and complained about the heat.

9. You'll still need pads. Just because you're not bleeding doesn't mean you're in the clear ... leaky mucous and pee (especially when you laugh or sneeze) might sneak out so your undies may be in need of protection.

10. You'll need a bib. Okay, not quite, but pregnancy can make you drool, literally. It can also make your gums a lot more sensitive, but because oral health problems are linked to preterm birth risk, see a dentist if you see pink in the sink.

11. You'll look like a teen or dalmatian. Not everyone gets radiant skin, but instead there's a slew of pregnant women who experience tons of acne or even blotchy spots and patches all over their face and their whole body.

12. Your nipples change. While you're ogling your new boobs, you might also notice your areolas and nipples have gotten darker, huge, and covered in lumps. This is to help a baby who can only feel things and see contrast locate your boobs, since now they look like giant targets.

13. You're stupid. Pregnant women lack normal short-term memory, concentration, and learning ability. Read those breastfeeding books and learn to install the car seat before you're too dumb to remember.

14. You're going blind, too. As if being klutzy, constipated, and forgetful isn't bad enough, your eyes change during pregnancy as well. Thanks to fluid retention and hormones, your eyeballs can change shape, leaving you unable to read the McDonald's menu from the order box. Don't get new glasses until you're way past birth and preferably even done breastfeeding since you need your hormones level again before shelling out dough for new lenses. If it's anything like tunnel vision or spots though, let your doctor know ASAP.

15. You can leak. It's not just women who are newly engorged who can leak breast milk. You start making colostrum -- the only food your baby will need for up to their first week -- about halfway through pregnancy. It's a good time to try out different breast pads to see which you like best.

16. You might get carpal tunnel syndrome. Forty-five percent of pregnant women experience carpal tunnel syndrome, again likely due to swelling and fluid retention, this time putting pressure on nerves in your arms and wrists. Fortunately, it goes away for most women.

17. You might need new shoes. A combination of swelling, the chemical relaxin, which helps spread out your ligaments, your extra weight, and change in posture can make your feet spread out, often enough to warrant new shoes, possibly permanently destroying your use of your entire shoe wardrobe forever. I sadly went up more than a shoe size per pregnancy. Bye-bye dainty 4.5 shoes, hello average 7s.

18. Your head might ache. Hormones and changes in posture can all contribute to headaches.

19. Your can get dizzy or even faint. Especially in the last trimester, when standing in one place for too long (say, the grocery store) or even for seemingly no reason at all, you can come dangerously close to fainting, or even pass out. Pay close attention and sit down in the middle of the grocery store if you need to, don't try to "push through."

20. None of this will matter. No matter how much pregnancy sucks, even for people who have very, very difficult ones, once your baby is in your arms, all the discomfort will be totally worth it.

What was the weirdest thing you experienced during pregnancy?


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Kodee... Kodeekins

:-O Sweat?! Thanks, I'm officially paranoid I'm pregnant now. I've been sweating like crazy for two weeks now for no reason! AND been snotty, which I thought was a cold but everyone else has been over theirs for a week. Great. Now I'm really paranoid even though I know I'm not pregnant. >.<

wendy... wendy46121

LOL I have experienced over half of these!!! Insane. 

carso... carsonsmommytam

The worst one was the colostrum leaking. Mine leaked like a fawcet from 24 weeks on. If i didnt wear breast pads i would have pie plate sized wet sticky spots on my nightgown every morning.

Katt709 Katt709

I had night sweats for most of my pregnancy. I also had wierd back twinges - it hurt so bad at times, I would literally sink to my knees. 

Amand... Amanda_Jeanne

Weird rashes!!! I started getting awful hive-looking rashes all over my body during the second trimester and they lasted well up until my son was a year old. We couldn't pinpoint what triggered them either... no allergies, no stress triggers, and stuff like Benadryl or Atarax didn't help. I just got bizarre random rashes.

Also, the gas! The first couple months of my pregnancy my pants were a musical wind symphony. It's not like I was eating beans and broccoli every day either... just had the worst gas of my life!

And yeah, the colostrum leaking from about 30 weeks on made me laugh & cry at the same time. It was SO WEIRD to me lol.

Kelle... KelleyP77

I didn't expect the nosebleeds and nasal passage swelling, but the sciatic nerve pain was the biggest shocker. Nothing like walking across the lobby at work and having one butt cheek clench up in severe pain. There is no way to NOT grab your own ass and yell when that happens.

Shanin22 Shanin22

I had several of these but the worst was the carpal tunnel (couldn't even turn a door handle it got so bad) and the fainting... I dropped like a rock in several public places. Heed the advice of this post... if you feel dizzy, sit or lie down wherever you may be. I once sat in a Walmart aisle for 15 minutes like an idiot... but it was better then fainting and having someone call 911 on me again, lol ;)

nonmember avatar Allboys

The hormones can also cause you to itch almost constantly. You may want to scratch yourself bloody so just use some socks to ease the unrelenting itch. Pregnancy induced kidney stones are not nice. And another big surprise to me was throwing up stomach acid in my sleep due to sever heart burn.

nonmember avatar Allboys

Just a little tip I found to work wonders for the constipation. A daily supplement of flax seed oil. I couldn't stand the fish oil supplements so I went with flax seed. Within two days I never had a problem with constipation again.

mommy... mommymel77

It doesn't tell you that you could have hyperemesis gravidarum. Which I had to live off of a PICC line and iv medicines and IV fluids to make me and my baby survive. 

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