72 Year Old Woman Debates Another Pregnancy


babyEverything the doctors ever told you about your window of fertility is all wrong. OK, maybe not. But a 72-year-old woman who is still debating a second pregnancy would like to think so, and we're willing to encourage her.

Adriana Iliescu became the poster child for "what the heck was she thinking" five years ago when the Romanian woman gave birth at 66 years old. At that time, she was the world's oldest mother -- although women older than her have done it since, stealing her dubious title.

Now she's 72, and Iliescu told the Telegraph that she'd consider having a second child, but she's not in any rush:

Medically, it’s possible. I understand there are trials going on with a 70-year-old woman in England, so it could be done. I am fine and healthy and I think it would be possible to have another child in the future, but I’m not in a rush at the moment.


Take all the time you need ma'am. And then take a little more. You'd be doing the world a real favor and your daughter, Eliza, an even bigger one.

The advancements in reproductive technology have taken years, but they've served women of the world well in recent years. Cases like Iliescu's manage to undo all that good in nine months. They're used as evidence of doctors taking undue risks and playing God, as proof that the babies created will be put at risk down the road.

This is the woman who had no family or close friends when she gave birth. In 2008, she told the Daily Mail that the only other adult out there with a vested interest in her daughter's life was the doctor who administered IVF treatments to help create her.

People called her a freak show, and worse. She defended herself by pointing out that anyone can die at any moment. That doesn't keep us from OKing single motherhood at 23, 33, 43 ...

Technically, she's right. You could walk out of your house today and be hit by a car. But that excuse only works one time. Your chances of dying increase steadily as you age. And if she's talking about a second baby, she's driving those odds even higher.

With advanced maternal age comes a heightened risk of maternal mortality, not to mention more difficulty in finding a home that can take on two children in case of your early demise. And, of course, the older you are, the harder it is to imagine you'll still be alive at the pivotal moments in life where a child wants her Mom.

Yes, Ms. Iliescu, keep pretending the rules don't apply to you. It's better for us all. 


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nessy... nessy1980

That is messed up she is being selfish for a friggin title? There is a age limit when to stop having babies and 72 is way past the age. What is going to happen when she dies within 20 years like most people her age do? Those kids need a mother I feel horrible for them. Then to make it better she is having kids without a father. So when the mom dies those kids aren't going to have anything besides eachother that links to them.

Wendi Watson

yeah, that is true. very sad. gosh.. how crazy.. she didnt ever go through menopause? weird.  

clean... cleanaturalady

Men have been fathering children well into 'old age' forever, so I don't see a difference in respect to being around for the child long-term.  I do think it is a bit selfish for a single person to have a child they are likely not to be around to see grow up.

mykid... mykidssayimbes

Here's a question that has been hinted at. She says there is no one else with vested interest in her child. So when she does pass what happens to the child who probably won't be an adult? And how the heck is a 72 year old giving a good life to a six year old? I am 26 and can barely keep up with mine.


She's so selfish. She is more concerned with her popularity than being around for her child. She isn't considering her child growing up without a mother. Its tough to lose a parent when you are grown, just think how devastating it would be for a child. I am in my 40's and I couldn't imagine losing my mother. I lost my Dad almost 3 yrs ago. At least, I had my Dad for most of my life. Children need parental influences in their lives.

Any doctor in their right mind wouldn't allow someone of her age to have a child.

nonmember avatar Dawn

I don't know that death is even the only potential problem. What if she had a stroke or other life changing event. Is the doctor going to let her move in? Will the nursing home allow children?

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