Why We Should Love Our Stretch Marks

pregnant bellyFirst they attack your belly. Then your boobs. Probably your arms and thighs, too, unless you've miraculously avoided gaining any pregnancy weight.

Yep, it’s the dreaded stretch mark.

We try desperately to prevent them, rubbing vitamin E and other lotions and potions across pregnant bellies, thighs, and boobs. It becomes an obsession, preventing that first red line from spreading. Your belly should be Aladdin's lamp with as much rubbing and wishing that's gone on.

We worry endlessly about what people will think of us -- our partners especially. Instead of the strapless cocktail dress we adore, we throw on a cardi or, worse, pick a dress with sleeves and a higher neckline! Skimpy lingerie is a thing of the past. It’s gauzy babydolls from now on. We are so concerned with these stretch marks that we sometimes go to ridiculous lengths to hide them.

Want to know who is completely, totally, utterly unconcerned with your stretch marks?



Here’s the thing with guys and stretch marks:

  1. Most of the time they don’t even notice they're there.
  2. If they do notice, you are probably already naked, which means he definitely isn’t thinking about stretch marks. 
  3. Almost every guy out there will tell you a stretch mark is no different than a scar or a mole -- it’s just part of the human body.
  4. They all have them too -- even the super fit guys. At some point they had a growth spurt or gained or lost muscle and earned their own stretch marks. (If he says he doesn’t have any, check his love handles.)
  5. They just don’t care. Especially the ones who love you. And if he does happen to complain about your pregnancy stretch marks, just remind him that he’s part of the reason they are there.

The truth is, we women spend obscene amounts of time criticizing our pregnant bodies. So for this one thing, at least, give yourself a break! You may not learn to love them right away, but those life lines stretched across your skin tell the story of your life and your baby's life. Appreciate them for that, and try not to hate them so much -- because your man definitely doesn’t.

Do you have stretch marks? Do they bother you?


Image via SCV Imagery/Flickr

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