Sexy, Affordable Maternity Lingerie!

nursing bra
Zulily; $24.99
Let's end this debate once and for all: Yes, pregnant women can be sexy.

Whether she chooses to pose naked in a magazine or want to do a striptease or make pregnant porn, the life she's carrying inside really shouldn't hinder whatever sexuality she wants to express. If a woman is comfortable enough (i.e., not puking and miserable for nine months) to do it while knocked up, then she should only receive props.

Of course, many women wouldn't choose to do those things pregnant or not, but still would like to embrace their sexual side while pregnant. Maternity lingerie is a great way to do just that but with a little more discretion. 

Lacy, racy, and really pretty, there are some great options out there. You! Lingerie just launched a brand-new line that's currently on sale at Zulily through November 15. There are a host of sexy bras and panties in great colors.

Here are a few favorites:


Can you believe that bra pictured above is a nursing bra? The colors are stunning. What a nice way to make feeding time just a little brighter.

maternity underwear
Zulily; $10.49
You need not be limited to granny panties while pregnant. These boy shorts are a great sexy-yet-comfy alternative. I love the purple!

Zulily; $21.99
So yes, it's definitely a little Teresa Giudice, but what a fun nursing bra. Every mama needs to bring out her animal side sometime.

Do you wear maternity lingerie? What are your favorites?

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