Where to Find Nursing Bras and Nursing Pads


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If you're going to try to breastfeed your baby, you might think that since you were born with the equipment to get the job done, you'd be all set. And in some ways that's true. In others, a little bit of extra "stuff" can help you get feedings done more comfortably and easily.

Anonymous asked in Answers where to get nursing bras and pads. Here's some quick info on where to get the goods.

Guess what? You can find them at Wal-mart -- and many moms around here did. You can purchase comfy, affordable nursing bras and tanks at your local outpost and online, too (though nursing bras are as tricky to fit as regular bras, so shopping in person may be best for this particular errand.)

You can also find nursing bras, tops, and some supplies like pads at Mimi Maternity. When it comes to nursing pads, several moms reported preferring the Lansinoh brand -- you can find those at Wal-mart and most drug stores, too.

And are nursing bras totally mandatory? Nope, but many moms agree that they do make access to the "equipment" much, much easier.

Have you purchased any nursing gear -- bras, pads, tanks, a Boppy pillow? Or are you going to wait until baby's here and decide what you need then?

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joyfu... joyfullem

I never used nursing bras with DD she was born via emergency C/S 2 weeks early and i want totally prepared.  I just wore a sports bra and pulled it down it worked for me and was probably cheaper.  Nursing pads were a must have though they would be full between feedings!!!  I did have a boppy pillow and I hated feeding with it!!  Most people love it and I understand why but it drove me crazy!!  I used it to sit her up when I wasn't holding her!!

catho... catholicmamamia

Many breastfeeding moms prefer Medela, for nursing bras and washable pads. Medela and Lansinoh both make wonderful disposable nursing pads!


Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

I had a hard time finding a nursing bra I liked - I got a few Medela ones at Mimi Maternity, but didn't really like them. Then, I found some I absolutely LOVE at Target. They are like normal pretty bras but for nursing. I bought nursing pads, but only used them a few times. I preferred the washable cotton ones to the disposable ones—they were kind of irritating.

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