'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Refusing Abortion Got Emily Kicked Out

MTV's 16 And Pregnant
Imagine being the new kid at high school -- and you're pregnant. That's what Alabama-native Emily is facing on this week's episode of 16 and Pregnant. The drum majorette ends up pregnant and her mom kicks her out because she won't have an abortion.

Emily is forced to leave her school, her life, and her baby daddy Daniel, and move an hour away to her dad's house. At least Daniel seems like a good guy. He's smart -- he wants to major in astrophysics and engineering and scored a scholarship -- and he plans to marry Emily as soon as they graduate, so they can make a little family.


She still plans to graduate and head to college in Huntsville with Daniel, living in married student housing with him and the baby. One hitch: she's already had too many absences at school due to morning sickness, and the max missed days allowed are 10. She hasn't even had the baby yet. Guess high school students don't get maternity leave, huh?

But Emily's dad, as supportive as he's trying to be, reminds them that they don't have an easy road ahead of them. All their plans are hinging on Emily actually being able to graduate, and even if she does, he doesn't want his smart daughter to end up working at the Piggly Wiggly. Yes, apparently there are still Piggly Wigglies in down home Alabama. He threatens not to let Emily marry Daniel -- which he can do, since she's underage.

When they learn that the school isn't willing to give Emily a break, her stepmom withdraws her and decides to homeschool her so she can still graduate early. When she gets all the books that are mandated by Alabama for homeschoolers, it's super intimidating. She'll have to work through weekends and holidays to finish everything on time.

Daniel's been a bit MIA, saying he has to work, but Emily is having a hard time trusting him to be committed. 

Baby Liam decides to make an early appearance -- and Emily's dad isn't around for the delivery. But Daniel rushes up so he can be there for the big event. After nine hours of labor, they have a beautiful, healthy boy -- and both parents are crying happy tears. Grandpa cries when he meets the baby, too, and for a minute, everyone's getting along. But then Daniel has to head back home, and Emily's left to be a single parent -- and full-time student.

She's still got to finish two years of school, and balancing books and a baby is hard -- trust me, I know.

She resents Daniel for still having the opportunities she's had to give up. Her dad tells her that if she doesn't get her education, she's letting baby Liam down.

Plus, Daniel is not a natural father. He's awkward about feeding and changing the baby, and he's hardly ever watched him solo. The stress is taking a toll on what used to be a happy relationship. They love each other, but more than that, they feel like they're stuck with each other. That bodes well, huh?

Emily thinks that maybe her dad was right, maybe they're too young to be off on their own, just the three of them, a little family. She wants to push the wedding back, and she doesn't want to move with him to Huntsville.

In the end, it looks like these teen parents are going their separate ways, with Emily sticking close to her dad and stepmom for support with Liam. Because she's going to need all the support she can get.

Did you have to balance books and baby? How did you make it through?

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