No First Trimester Sex; Who's Lying?

couple in bedA recent study reports that one fifth of couples avoid sex during the first three months of a pregnancy.

Interesting, but, that's it, just 20 percent?!

You're telling me that 80 percent of couples actually have regular sex in those first three months of pregnancy?

I find it hard to believe, what with the puking and sore boobs and debilitating exhaustion that so many people are getting it on, when I could barely get my shoes on during those first few weeks.

So either someone is lying ... or my husband just got unlucky.

But of those who actually copped to not copulating, the reasons for not doing so varied.


While about 9 percent said they just "didn't feel like it," the majority said it was because they feared miscarriage or otherwise harming the baby

Kimberly Ann Racic, founder of, who conducted the study, says most couples needn't let that fear take away their intimacy.

Concerns about harming the baby during intercourse are common, however pregnancy shouldn't be a reason for things to change between a couple. It is perfectly natural and healthy to be intimate during pregnancy; a loving relationship is normally at its strongest during this stage, therefore the desire to be close to each other will be extremely strong .... Unless their health care professional directs the couple to behave otherwise, there is no medical reason to avoid intercourse at any point during the pregnancy.

More startling, however, is that women's unhappiness with their physical appearance prevents them from having sex -- 42 percent reported feeling "unattractive" while pregnant.

But only 4 percent of the male respondents said they found their partner "unattractive" during her pregnancy.

So there you have it, it's not dangerous, and most men still find you attractive. So no more excuses ... except for the aforementioned puking, and exhaustion, and general misery pregnancy can bring.

Did you avoid sex at any point during pregnancy?

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