Help! My Baby Is Due on Thanksgiving

thanksgiving turkeyExpecting a baby on Thanksgiving Day is supposed to make you extra thankful. Somehow it just gives you extra headaches.

Who's going to make the dinner? How am I going to have 10 relatives and a newborn in my house? Am I even going to be able to eat anything when I feel this stuffed?

Don't worry Mamas, The Stir has got you covered. We asked the pregnant ladies here on CafeMom who are due this November how to get ready for the big day -- without feeling like a turkey.


1. Start New Traditions.

-M- is due the day after Thanksgiving, so she's staying put. "Usually we cater to everyone else in our family, going here there and everywhere. This year we said, 'Too bad if you don't like it. You live farther away from the hospital than we do. If you want to see us you come to us.' No one is coming . . .  It's okay though. It means we can finally start our own family traditions for the holiday instead of relying on what everyone else prefers to do."

2. Make It a Double Celebration.

RutterMama is due Nov. 20, and she's had a heck of a year. Her husband lost his job, the family was homeless, they moved states, and now things are back on track -- including the birth of their second baby. That means more to be thankful for: "Our biggest thrill this year is that we have moved back to Kentucky, near family, and are thrilled about being able to celebrate actually with our family and our babies this year! My family is so supportive and amazing, and we are thrilled that they get to be a part of this birth, as they weren't able to be with my son three years ago . . .  we get to have a 'Welcome To The World' party while we have our Thanksgiving celebration!"

3. Ask Someone Else to Cook.

Pappi is due on the 22nd, but she's got it all worked out: "Since I'm the only one that celebrates Thanksgiving in my family there probably wouldn't be a Thanksgiving dinner this year. I hosted Thanksgiving dinner since my husband and I got our own place, and my mom would visit. This year my grandparents will also be here to take care of me through the Chinese 'sitting month,' but both my grandma and mom don't really cook American Thanksgiving food... nor do I usually, so maybe I can talk mom into cooking and do a rib roast like last year."

4. Let It Ride.

Cybilverbeana will go out -- or not. "We usually do Thanksgiving with my in-laws so we might just do that. They live 5 miles down the road, so it just depends on if anyone is 'sickly,' because if that is the case everyone but the baby and I will be going."

Strawberry-cake will even eat at the hospital. "If he is born on Thanksgiving, we will celebrate just the two of us in the hospital. If he's born before, I will try to make us a dinner. If I have the energy  . . . can't wait for him to get here."

How do you plan to handle the holiday?


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