Preparing for Baby: A Book to Help Get You Organized

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You find yourself making a million lists as you prepare to welcome a baby and in the first weeks after you do -- which is why this book caught my eye. The Baby File: All the Lists, Forms, and Practical Information You Need Before -- and After -- Baby's Arrival, by Amanda Dobbins, does all of the list-making for you. Cool!


The book can help you get organized with all sorts of mommy tasks, from shopping for baby, picking a name, and selecting a pediatrician to dealing with FMLA and your pregnancy at work, planning a welcoming celebration, selecting birth announcements, and looking at childcare options.

The Baby File can also help you keep track of the basic day-to-day craziness once your new baby is here -- and you can download useful PDF worksheets from the book's web site on the following:

  • Feeding and Diapering Log
  • Sleep Diary
  • Baby Gift Log

And for local inspiration on getting organized and saving money, too, hook up with FlyLady Club | Home Organizing and Cleaning Help, Let's get organized!, and Design on a Dime Moms.

Where are you with baby prep? Are you a totally organized mama or totally not?

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