Because Ugly Rocking Chairs Are Sad

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You are having a baby. You are setting up a nursery. You are thinking that a rocking chair or a glider might be a good thing. Some place to sit during middle of the night feedings. A place to rest and soothe your baby with gentle motion. A pretty piece of furniture to accent the room.

Then you start shopping.

It can be quite depressing. There are many, many ugly rocking chairs in the world. And the gliders can be even uglier. But don't despair. There are some good-looking ones too (like the one above). And I've found every last one of them and listed them here.

You're welcome.

1) The Monte Luca Glider
It comes in lots of colors and has a very subtle base.

2) The Joya Rocker
It's so pretty! That base is amazing. This rocker comes in lots of colors. Or I should say it WILL come in lots of colors. It will be available in January 2011.

3) The Olio Cohen Glider
It's like a stealth glider! I can't even tell it moves from looking at the image. It comes in two colors. Such great lines.

4) Eames Rocker
I wouldn't call it "cozy" but it's probably my favorite rocking chair. It makes such a nice accent in a room and I love the look of it. A classic choice. (You can typically find knockoffs for less than $200.)

5) The Thompson Glider
This is a new chair from Dwell Studio. All hail polka dots! And it's another stealth glider as well. I'd really like to sit in one and try it out for comfort. I wonder if the back is high enough to rest your head?

6) Jason Lewis Rockers
Jason Lewis makes some of the most amazing rockers out there. But they're pricey! They're the sort of thing that you plan to hand down for generations as soon as you buy it.

7) Low Rider Glider
I like the simple profile of this one. Available in several colors. The footstool comes separately. Lovely.

8) Allison Rocker
Here's a good-looking modern upholstered rocker under $500. Which is sort of a bargain as far as these sorts of chairs go. Thank you, Target!

9) Classic Wood Rockers
If these are all too modern or too expensive (I totally get it -- I graduated from college the same week my first baby was born and couldn't afford a thing!), my favorite places for classic wood rockers are eBay and Craigslist. Here's one search I use; here's another one. You can find great chairs -- some just need a fresh coat of paint and a soft seat cushion -- for $50 or less.

And voila! You now have lots of great choices for your rocking chair.

Any here you would like? Is there a great one out there I missed? Please share.

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nonmember avatar Monzie

My mother gave me an antique wooden rocker for my nursery but I never used the thing because it was so creaky. I wound up sitting on a cushion on the floor when I nursed my babe. This time around, I'm going to buy a "POÄNG" chair and matching ottoman from IKEA. I've heard that the non-rocking version of this chair is GREAT for breastfeeding and you can't beat the price: less than $150 for both pieces! When I was researching this, I heard some pretty negative things about that Eames rocker...not very comfy, particularly if you plan to use it for nursing. But it *is* nice looking in that minimalist mid-century sorta way...

Kim Vallee

I am leaning towards the Eames rocker. It is easy to clean; baby can make a mess. And we can use the chair once they grow up. But I want to try out first the Joya rocker. Since I want two rockers: one for the nursery and the other to put in the living room. I may opt for two models.

I like the style of the Jason Lewis Rocker but make to select the chair with arms. It is a must for nursing comfortably.

Marianne Canada

We have an Eames rocker in the nursery, but only the toddler sits in it. For long term, or middle of the night, rocking/feeding, it is woefully uncomfortable.

nonmember avatar Caryn

We have the Mid-Century Rocker from Urban Outfitters and we love it! Great price too. My husband was doubtful about liking a rocker, especially the looks and he fell in love with this one. It's very comfortable and looks awesome. Here's a link to them:

nonmember avatar Jen

Love them all! thanks- I think i am in love with all the monte design chairs

Kate Sandberg

@Monzie.... I actually did most of my nursing on two chairs: a Poang, and an old-fashioned creaky wood rocker.  The Poang with the matching footstool kicks butt for TV watching, but the rocker was great in the nursery.  I think Twerp actually liked the squeakiness....

britmann britmann

We bought the Allison rocker because of the great looks and price point but ended up returning it because it was too small to fit my 6" tall husband comfortably. Don't get me started on how difficult it was to order this and then return it to Walmart. Never again!

nonmember avatar Amanda

We have the nurseryworks storytime rocker in orange and love it! Now that my son is a little older he likes to sit next to us like a "big boy" while we read. It was one of the most expensive items in the nursery but was worth every penny!

nonmember avatar JR

Does anyone own the Jason Lewis rocking chair? It looks beautiful but is it comfortable and practical for a nursery rocking chair?

Shereen Koshnoodi

I bought a knockoff of Eames Rocking Chair in white on for around $100. My 2.5 year old and my 9 month old share a room so it fits perfectly and doesn't take up too much space.

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