Fertility Statues: How Far Would You Go to Get Pregnant?

fertility statueAre you desperate to get pregnant? How far would you go to hold the baby you dream of in your arms?

How about to Florida?

Two African fertility statues said to have gotten more than 2,000 women pregnant since 1993 are currently on display in Panama City, Florida. They recently received an extended stay because they're so popular -- a standing ovation for those hoping for ovulation, if you will.

Originally scheduled to depart for Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium in Panama City Beach on October 25, they now will remain through the end of the year.


Folks have flocked from all over the South and even New Jersey. Those who can't come in person are faxing or e-mailing in pictures of their hands to be rubbed on the statues.

Christmas in Florida could be nice ... but is it ridiculous to think a statue could actually help you get pregnant?


But thousands of women say otherwise. And if they believe, then at worst, it won't work, but it also may provide the hope and relief from the heavy weight of infertility that plagues those in its midst.

Infertility can be a dark, lonely place, and countless studies have shown that stress and emotions affect it. So if these statues can help push someone toward more positive thinking, then great. In that way, perhaps they do work.

Everyone has their limits as to how far they'll go to get a baby whether it's fertility treatments or fertility statues. If you think rubbing a piece of carved wood could work, then it just might. 

Just be careful around them if you DON'T want a baby.

So what do you think about fertility statues? How far would you drive, fly, or travel by train to get to one?

Image via Ripley's

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