Psychic Cat Predicts Pregnancy & Yours Might Too

catsSome people think cats are spooky, some think they are gorgeous, and some people think cats are psychic and can predict pregnancy. Some even believe that cats can tell you all about it because they can talk.

That's what self-described "creature clairvoyant" Joanne Hull said happened to her when she went on a UK morning show earlier this year. Hull believes she has a unique connection with animals and she can communicate with them. She claims that while she was on the show, host Holly Willoughby's cat spoke to her and informed her the TV star would shortly be pregnant with her second child. Sure enough, Willoughby recently confirmed her pregnancy.

Okay, you're totally making the finger-twirling-next-to-your-head crazy sign right now, aren't you? But wacky as that sounds, pets sense things and they are known to predict pregnancy.


Animal behaviorists say it's because they are much more attuned than we are to the smallest changes in our movements or behavior; noticing you're sitting on the couch more or are touching your belly a lot, for example. Dogs often will become more protective of their owners, reacting defensively to anyone trying to get near them.

Dogs and cats also have a phenomenal sense of smell; their noses can pick up something like 100 times what ours can. They may be reacting to the pheromones and hormones that change during pregnancy. My dog, who is a beagle mutt and essentially a nose with legs, would sniff my belly well before it was obvious visually that I was pregnant.

Cats are less social, so they may react differently or not at all. My favorite cat was, to put it plainly, uber-pissed at me both times and avoided me as long as he could stand it. Some, though, figure the nice warm belly is the best thing ever.

Do your pets act differently to you during pregnancy?

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