My Toddler's Sixth Sense About My Pregnancy

psychic readerI'm two weeks away from having my baby and my 3-year-old is obviously aware of his impending arrival. We've been happily talking about the little brother she will soon acquire for months now. Her behavior is changing and there's something besides her just being aware she's about to have a sibling.

Maybe I'm in the Halloween mood, but if you ask me, my kid is sensing something bigger is going to happen than what we've told her and it's super scary.


She has seen other kids at school have pregnant moms one day and siblings the next, so the logic of the whole thing is not lost on her. But, anyone who has a toddler knows that they don't quite understand the concept of time. They may understand what five minutes means, but they don't really get the concept of "next week." There is also no way for her to truly understand how her life is really going to be impacted when he's born until she actually lives it. None of us really know, right?

She is starting to act out and we've come to the conclusion that part of it is the Terrible Threes -- who decided twos were bad anyway? Another reason that she's acting like a lunatic may be because she knows the world will soon not revolve around only her. We certainly have not told her this.

It's sort of like that itch that told you not cut through that dark, wooded path when you were a teenager. Maybe it's just fear based on logic. It's not safe to walk through that path alone. BUT -- maybe it's that sixth sense working. You never heard of anything happening on that path, but there's just something telling you not to do it.

I've heard of children acting strange toward their pregnant mothers before the mothers even knew they were pregnant. They just know something is up and they act extra clingy or extra distant.

I believe it. Kids are so raw. They just go with their emotions. There's nothing that stops them from being true. They don't really get embarrassed when they stutter. They don't stop themselves from crying in restaurants because it's inappropriate. They just feel and live and express everything. As we grow older, we talk ourselves in and out of every move we make. We walked through that wooded path even though our instinct told us not to because it was a shortcut. A 3-year-old would never do that -- without a tantrum.

I wonder if other pregnant women think their kids just sense the pregnancy even more than actually knowing it's there for sure. Do other moms think their kids have a sixth sense?


Image via David Sifry/Flickr

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