Would You Name Your Baby This?

The Office for National Statistics in England has released the top baby names in the UK. Though the list looks awfully similar to the US's, the funniest part is that Olivia and Oliver topped the charts as number one for both boys and girls.

Aren't they just variations of the same name?

5,201 Olivias and 7,364 Olivers were registered in 2009 in England and Wales. Meanwhile, in the US, Olivia is number 2 for girls

Maisie climbed 29 places from 2008 and is now 34th most popular in the UK and Austin went up 60 to get in the top 100.

Here are the top 10 in each category:



  1. Olivia 
  2. Ruby   
  3. Chloe     
  4. Sophie 
  5. Emily  
  6. Jessica 
  7. Grace
  8. Lily
  9. Amelia
  10. Evie


  1. Oliver
  2. Jack
  3. Harry
  4. Alfie
  5. Joshua
  6. Thomas
  7. Charlie
  8. William
  9. James
  10. Daniel

What I love so much about these boy names is that they're all very traditional and lovely, but also not as popular in the States. I mean, Alfie? How cute is that? I'm totally naming my next son Alfie!

The girl names I don't like as much because they're a little more common, but Ruby is one we considered. I must say I know at least one little girl with all of those names and, with the boy names, I only know a couple Jacks and a couple Williams, but the rest I don't.

We nearly named our son Henry, which is 37th on the UK list and 54th in the US this year. Instead Henry is his middle name and Alan is his first, but I kind of wish I had seen this list before. Alfie is cute, indeed. I may even consider changing my son's name. Is that weird?

Do you like any of these names?

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