Maternity Wear ... for Men?

men's maternity shirtMaternity wear has come a long way over the years. No longer are pregnant women limited to frumpy frocks and mumus; today there's a host of high-fashion figure-flattering duds out there.

And now they've even making them for dudes.

With no baby bump to show the world, now men can bask in the pregnancy glow too by announcing their father-to-be status to the world.

Here are few to consider based on his style:



These vintage-looking tees (pictured right) are a nice subtle way for a man to announce to the world his baby's due date. (BellyMan, $38)

baby daddy shirt


For the not-so-subtle guy, this shirt leaves no doubt that this guy is excited about his foray into fatherhood. (Zazzle, $31.70)

My Boys Can Swim

The Comedian

For the guy who wants the spotlight shining brightly on him and his successful sperm, this "My boys can swim" shirt offers all the bravado he craves. (, $17.95)

expectant dad shirt


For the guy who is excited and just can't hide it, this shirt emits that enthusiasm and channels feel-good Leave It to Beaver visions of fatherhood. (Evil Genius Tees, $22.99)

Some may scoff at men wearing such shirts, but what's the harm in letting them show their excitement to the world? It's better than having them uninterested.

Or is it another example of men trying to bask in the glory of pregnancy, while the women are doing all the work -- akin to the whole argument over whether dads should say "we're pregnant" when it's the woman carrying the baby.

If you're in the camp that supports "we're pregnant," you're probably OK with shirts like these. If you cringe when you hear a man make that statement, then you may want to "accidentally" spill red wine on any dude who dares to wear one.

What do you think, yay or nay for men's maternity wear?

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