Men Need Birth Control, Too!

Imagine a birth control that worked like hand lotion, but was just as effective as the pill. Would you use it?

Imagine now that it's safe for breastfeeding mothers and thus far has not shown any of the ill effects -- weight gain, acne, moodiness -- that the pill typically has.

The new cream, if it goes on the market, will be yet another option for women. Among those available are two kinds of IUDs, many brands of birth control pills, patches, shots, female condoms, diaphragms, and sponges. Not to mention the more permanent solutions like Essure and tying the tubes.

And for men? The condom and the vasectomy are it. I'm thrilled that there is yet another birth control option potentially open to women, but scientists, here's an idea: why not develop something for men, too?


Seriously, it's about time. I'm not a scientist and I understand that it's more complicated to deal with male fertility, but come on now. I can't believe it's impossible. And let's face it, right now birth control is almost entirely the responsibility of the woman.

We either get to mess with our hormones, shove weird things in our body, or deal with all manner of goop while also hoping that our partner will be patient enough to wait for insertion.

Is it any wonder there are so many accidental pregnancies?

It isn't fair and it needs to change. Men need as many options for birth control as women have and they also need to be able to take responsibility for their own fertility. Right now, people come down on men who don't want to have children with cries of "he should have abstained" or "he should have worn a condom." If men had more options, maybe there would be fewer fatherless children.

What is your fantasy male birth control option?

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