11 Reasons Why the Second Pregnancy Is Better

There are so many wonderful things about being pregnant for the first time. There's excitement, mystery, an excuse to eat cupcakes, and babymoons. It's a very unique nine months of your life and nothing compares to it.

Then, if you get pregnant again, ignorance is not always bliss. You know what you're in for and you know it's a long road. There are some things, however, that make the second time better than the first. Here are 11 reasons why being pregnant the second time is better than the first.


1. You hate your husband less. You know him better now. Even if you were with him for 10 years before your first child, nothing tells you more about him than seeing how he is as a father. He also is less nervous, which makes him a whole lot easier to handle.

2. You don't binge eat as much. You know you aren't really that hungry. You are still ravenous, but you understand that five crackers do the trick. You don't have to eat the whole sleeve. Unless, of course, it's a sleeve of thin mints. You don't gain as much weight and that's always a good thing.

3. You aren't as emotional (or should I say psycho). Things don't bother you in the same way they did the first time. You cannot just break down and cry every 10 minutes. You have a kid to worry about. The world no longer revolves around you, so you can't be as self indulgent.

4. You've got the clothes thing down. You understand that you don't have to spend $100 on new maternity clothes. You can work around your last batch and some clothes with give that you've been investing in knowing you're trying to get pregnant. Leggings anyone?

5. You care about your job less. The first time, you're so worried about being judged for being pregnant. You want to prove your mind is still as sharp, you can work the same hours, and you take everything as seriously as everyone else. This time, you've already been a mom for some time and your priorities have shifted. Working late? Have fun with that raise. I'd rather make it home for dinner with my family.

6. You aren't as paranoid. Feta on my salad? Yes, please.

7. You don't have road rage. You are just happy to be in the car listening to music. You've graduated from giving the finger to people. You can't. You have a toddler in the car.

8. When strangers ask you if it's your first, you can say, "No!" For some reason this is very satisfying.

9. You already read What to Expect When You're Expecting. You really don't want to read it again. You didn't have "bloody show" the first time and you probably won't have it this time either.

10. You get to share it with the kid you already have. It's really so much fun to bring your child with you to the doctor, have them feel your belly when the baby kicks, and let them help prepare the nursery. You are not only excited to have another one -- you are excited your child will gain a sibling.

11. You know what your walking into. This can actually be a good thing. Who wants mystery when it comes to feeling like an alien is growing inside of you?

Did I miss anything?

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