Infertile Women Are Afraid of Facebook

facebook logoPregnant women of the world, it's time to think before you Facebook. You're driving your infertile friends to the dank wasteland that is life without social media.

That's not very social is it?

While the number of women struggling with infertility and turning to the web to read blogs on the topic grows steadily, those same women shudder each time they open up their Facebook to yet another "Peanut was kicking me all night! Can't wait for the due date!" status update.


They're tough chicks fighting for what they really want, but infertile women are terrified of Facebook. And the rest of the world compounds it by hiding behind a computer screen.

A host of infertile couples admitted to the Washington Post recently that they suspect their friends put up pregnancy news on Facebook just so they don't have to break it in person -- and risk dealing with their feelings about it.

Hold the phone. Are we that insensitive a lot?

Talking about your pregnancy when a friend is infertile is never going to be easy, but if you're truly a "friend," then a certain amount of humanity has to go into this discussion. That means having the gumption to pick up the phone and make the call.

Once you do that, it's up to them to make the next move. Which could mean blocking your Facebook feed for the next nine months or so.

You're guaranteed never to keep everyone happy with what you say on Facebook. Hence the ability to "unfriend." If you get married, your single friends are going to be feeling the twinge. Support a Senate candidate, and your crazy conspiracy theory uncle's bound to get his knickers in a twist that candidate X is controlled by space aliens.

If your plan is to lay out every bout of morning sickness, every kick, and every baby shower registry update, it's your right. Your mother-in-law two states away may even be requiring it. But the least you could do is warn a sister first.

How do you prepare your infertile friends for your Facebook updates?

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