Fit Men Get Women Pregnant Faster

Put down the ice cream spoon, guys!
When you are planning to have a baby, often you go to the doctor, just for a pre-baby-making check-up. She’ll go over your current health status -- and she may be brutally honest about things like your cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight.

But the guys should check the scale, too! Men who are overweight or obese have more fertility troubles than men who are at a healthy weight.


The study found that obese men had both a lower sperm count and lower quality sperm.

Dr. Uwe Paasch of the University of Leipzig in Germany conducted a study, reviewing data collected in a database of their fertility clinic clients. The more than 2,000 men included in the study were 30-years-old and otherwise in good health.

What the study found was that compared to normal-weight men, the overweight guys had more potential fertility problems -- but not that they were infertile.

High levels of body fat are closely linked to the proteins that allow sperm to survive and function properly. So the fatter the man, the more likely his sperm won't make a baby.

Bottom line? Dads-to-be ought to be sharing Mom’s pre-conception lifestyle. Working out, excellent nutrition, maintaining a healthy weight -- all of these things increase the chances of conception, especially when both partners are involved.


Image via Blyzz/Flickr

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