Forget the Stork! How to Tell Your Parents You're Pregnant

pregnancy testThere comes a time in every pregnant woman's life when she finally has to come out of her happy bubble and tell the rest of the world. A little preparation is in order -- you could be facing ear-piercing happy squeals or a whole lot of nothing.

You only get to tell your parents you're expecting your first child once, so how about ensuring they actually want to show up at the baby shower? Finesse them a little honey!



Tell them before it gets to Facebook. Your mom really doesn't need to hear it mid-eyebrow wax at the beauty salon. She may never forgive you for the one-brow look.

Plan a face-to-face discussion. Nothing ruins the big moment like your Mom thinking you're prank calling her. It's a big moment; they should see your face. Besides, think of all those hugs you're missing.

Get both parents in the room (if possible). No one wants to feel slighted by being the second to know. If they're separated, swear the first to secrecy and be honest about why.

Be cutesy. This is the one time it's absolutely OK to indulge yourself. They're your parents, and this is their excitement too. Now you know who buys those "world's best grandma" mugs.

Ask questions. They've been there, done that, and nothing makes your mother parents feel better than telling you what to do. While you're at it, ask for your baby book. It will be fun to compare notes.


Go into detail. These are your parents. Just as you don't want to think of their sex lives, they're OK with pretending your partner let you eat a magic seed.

Tell them on their birthday. Unless they're the grandbaby-hungry type, this will only cement in their minds that they're now officially over the hill.

Bring out the pee stick. We can't tell you this enough. Your urine is not as fascinating to the rest of the world. In fact it kind of grosses them out.

Feel bad if they're not into it. Some people need time to adjust. And some people just stink. What matters is that you're happy to be expecting.

Now that you've told the proud grandparents: how about telling your girlfriends?

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