Is Attending Birth a Waste of Your Husband's Time?

man in scrubsIn a recent episode of Mad Men, Pete missed the birth of his baby daughter.

Not because the baby came early and he couldn't make a flight home in time, or he was stuck in an elevator somewhere, or he was dying or anything, but rather because he had business to which he needed to attend.

But of course, why don't more men think of that?

Mom has plenty of nurses and doctors there at her disposal, does she really need dad there? And the baby, well, she'll never remember.

Plus it's just too much for some of those fragile fathers-to-be. You know there was actually a study this summer that said attending birth can make fathers feel like failures because of their passive roles?


Husbands might as well not waste those hours just fetching ice chips and risk such emotional damage, poor things. There are plenty of tasks they could be tending to at home.

Let's see, the average labor lasts about 12 hours (give or take a lot depending on the woman), just think what he could do during that time. For example:

Assemble the crib, bassinet, stroller, exersaucer, high chair, and everything else you're going to need/want for the next five years.

Shop for, wash, dry, and fold an entire wardrobe for the baby.

Shop for, prepare, and freeze meals for months to come.

Detail your cars.

Shop for and wrap all your holiday gifts for the years.

Clean all the closets and the junk drawer too.

Bathe and groom the dog.

Give a few rooms in the house a new coat of paint.

Address and stamp all the envelopes for the birth announcements.

The possibilities are endless.

Divide and conquer, and just look how much can be accomplished! With the extra added bonus of keeping your husband's ego in tact.

I smell a new trend in birth plans coming ...

How important was it to you that your husband attend your child's birth?

Image via SmartGoat/Flickr


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