Can Pregnant Moms Still Be Sexy?

When I was pregnant with Rowan, I was amazed at how good I felt about myself. In fact, I wore tighter clothes than usual, and even got hit on by a co-worker of my husband's -- in front of my husband and the guy's fiance. She shrugged and said, "He's got a thing for pregnant women, but hates babies so I'm not worried."

Some people seem to feel that pregnant women should be covered up, almost as if the innocence of the unborn child is risked if a woman with child decides she's still sexy.

But not HOTmilk -- they have some seriously sexy maternity lingerie and pregnant women modeling their lacy stuff to match. But are they too racy for a woman with a baby on board?


I think that presenting pregnant and breastfeeding women as sexy is empowering for women -- and hopefully also quells ideas that once you become a mom, you lose all your sexuality. HOTmilk has nursing bras, too, which is great because ... well, have you seen how ugly some nursing bras are?

Historically speaking, women with large breasts, hips, and curves have been considered the most attractive ... and why? Because that's a sign that they're good child-bearers! Men are attracted to curves as a way to encourage procreation, so being attracted to the increased lumps of mammaries or curves due to a process they were very much involved in and obviously enjoyed is something we should certainly remember, and HOTmilk definitely plays on that fact.

Their "men only" section, aside from being absolutely hilarious and pretty informative, mentions repeatedly how sexy pregnant and nursing women's bodily changes are:

When a woman’s body gets hijacked by a baby it changes. Things swell. Sometimes most things and quite often for the better. But existing clothes and lingerie just don’t quite cut the mustard any more and more than ever, comfort and a good fit become crucial for her. Then there’re things like how she doesn’t want bras with wires in them because they can inhibit milk production, stitching or seams across the nipples are to be avoided cause that can irritate the more increasingly sensitive bits, and then she’ll need quick release clips at the front for easy access ... for breastfeeding.

I think it's probably somewhat of a maturity thing for both parties. While there can be some weird mental hang-ups involving sex and the baby in the belly, most parents-to-be can get over that and still enjoy their sex life, especially during that second trimester when a lot of pregnant women get a lot more, um, excitable. Same goes for breastfeeding too, and if I had a little extra dough to spare, I'd probably pick up one of their nursing bras. I think every nursing mom should have at least one bra that feels sexy to her without feeling "matronly," and if it still functions as a nursing bra, that's fantastic, too.

So what do you think? Are their ads too sexy for a pregnant or nursing mom, or are they a refreshing reminder that moms are still sexual beings?


Images via HOTmilk

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