Is It Possible My Due Date Is Wrong?


When I went into my OB/GYN for the first time this pregnancy, she asked the standard question, "When was the first day of your last period?" I had been trying to get pregnant for a few months. I was obsessed with dates. How many days after my period should I have sex for the best chances to get pregnant? How many days after I'm late should I take a test? I don't want to jinx things. If I talk about trying to get pregnant out loud will I ruin my chances? I basically became a psycho and all of that obsession resulted in absolute confusion.

I had played around with dates for so long that I had no idea if the date in my head was the first day of my last period, the day I had sex to try to get pregnant, or the day the season finale of Dexter season 4 was set to arrive. I answered my doctor and said I was either 8 or 10 weeks pregnant. She said, "You must be 8 weeks. There's no way you can be 10 weeks pregnant. You would know." Well, I wasn't convinced then and I'm less convinced now.

My visits at the doctor have brought on a new obsession. Every time I see the sonogram, I look at the EDD (Estimated Due Date). All of the baby's measurements state the due date is earlier than the date my doctor gave me when she convinced me I was only eight weeks along. At one point during the second trimester, I convinced her to move it up by four days, but I think she just wanted to shut me up. She won't budge anymore.

During my last visit, I noticed that the size of the baby's leg is measuring 21 days earlier. I asked the doctor about it and she said that the baby is just measuring large and that my numbers are normal for this point of pregnancy. I have just obsessed over this for so long that I don't know if I'm crazy or if I'm crazy right! Could my due date be wrong?

I spoke to all my friends and none of them has ever had this problem. They know when the first day of their last period was. They think it's strange that I don't. I like to tell myself I'm just relaxed and that's why I don't know. But, really, I'm like the Geto Boys (a really suburban version) and my mind is playing tricks on me.

Today I'm three weeks away from my induction date and going to the doctor for another size check. I'm making a pact with myself. I'm going to go with whatever she says at this point. I'm going to quit obsessing and realize that she's the one who went to medical school I'm the one who still watches Grey's Anatomy (even though it sucks now). I'm going to take what she says and plan my mother-in-law's visit and the pestering of my husband to build the crib around it. Unless, of course, I see something crazy on that EDD screen.

Have you doubted your due date?


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CherB... CherBearCM

You know with my daughter I had no idea when the first day of my period was, I never bothered keeping track.  With my son the only reason I knew is it was because it was the day after my daughter's bday and we were camping... fun.  Even now I only have a an approximation of when it came unless it happened on a day that was notable in some other way.  Not everyone keeps track of their period down to the last minute like your friends apparently do!  LOL

flatl... flatlanderjenn

You should be able to trust your doctor as she's able to measure the babys progress and won't allow a baby to be born prematurely or overdue.  Honestly, unless everyone tracked their cycles w/ basal body tempurature upon waking every morning, and daily observation of cervical mucus, or use an ultrasound every day to watch the ovum mature, we can't truly track the true due date.  So doctors use that pregnancy wheel which estimates the woman ovulated on the 14th day from the date of her last period.  Even if you are a week off on your last period, your baby shouldn't be in any danger because he/she is in the care of your OBGYN.

DH & I do practice NFP so I do know the exact date of our children's conception; since I have very long cycles my date of ovulation, and date of conception, ranged between day 20 - day 30.  My OBGYNs would not accept my dates of conception, even with my NFP charts, and estimated my due date from the day 14 rule.  My children defied both parties, and were born a week earlier than the OBGYN predicted, two weeks earlier than I predicted.

Ultimately, trust your doctor, as she will track the grown of your child to ensure a healthy baby.

wendy... wendy46121

Well stick with the "8 weeks" date so that you have an extra 2 weeks before they start pressuring you for induction.  That way you will likely go into labor when they think you're 38-40 weeks, and you'll really be 40-42 weeks  :P  There is nothing wrong with being OFF on dates,  that is why it is an ESTIMATED due date. 

wendy... wendy46121

Oh I see youre inducing 7 days early.  Well then the jokes on you if your due date is 2 weeks off.  Can you imagine if you *gasp* actually went into labor on your own and allowed baby to choose its own birthday?!?  woooow what a concept.  

What if it was the other way around, and they said you were 36 weeks and you were really only 34 weeks... and you were inducing at 39, but really only 37???  Then you'd likely wind up with a C-section and your baby in the NICU!!!  Do you see yet WHY elective inductions are NOT SAFE??

Lokis... LokisMama

I refused to let them induce me, because going by my LMP with my daughter, I was due Dec 19th, but according to the ultrasound my due date was Dec 5th.  I went into labor and had her naturally on Dec 22d.  No way was I going to let them try to induce me 2 weeks early.


I had no idea what month my last period was in let alone the day. so they did the ultrasounds and based it off that. then my daughter came 10 days late. but at 7lb7oz. the exact same size as her brother who was 3 days early. don't worry about it. they always know when they are done baking :)

jagam... jagamama0710

I agree with wendy46121. Selfish. FYI, they can only guess at the size of your baby. I've heard as many stories of them being totally off on size as they are close to it. Doctors telling women they HAVE to have a c-section because the baby is giant. That giant baby turns out to be a whoppin' 7 pounder.

Anyway, to answer your question though, no, I haven't doubted my EDD. I don't know when exactly my first was conceived so I just went by the 6 week ultrasound. She was born 6 days before her EDD, totally naturally. My EDD with my second was spot on (I know when he was conceived) but he decided to come 2 days after it.


ethan... ethans_momma06

Not with my second, but with my first we weren't entirely  sure what the exact daye was.

LKRachel LKRachel

based on my LMP my due date was October 12th and based on my basal temping (which was very clear) my due date was October 18th-I was having consistent 34 day cycles.  So now I've passed BOTH due dates, but b/c I have my temping chart with my ovulation date my doctor felt comfortable with me going to 41 weeks with my ovulation date "due date" which is 42 weeks w my LMP date.  I am still hoping to go into labor on my own before the induction but am thankful to have a doctor I trust and who trusts me to let me go longer than he normally would.

Kelle... KelleyP77

It's all a guess. Due date, size of baby, all just a guess. My water broke supposedly two weeks early, but I have shorter cycles, so I knew the due date was off. They'd measured her a few days before saying she was around 7 lbs. She was born weighing 5lbs. 15.5 oz. Nothing is guaranteed, and since you have no clue when you conceived, defining the "due date" simply my ultrasound measurements is very risky when you aren't going to allow nature to take its course. I really do hope and pray you have a healthy baby with zero complications, however I wish you'd listen to all the great advice you've been given repeatedly.

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