8 Bedroom Makeover Tips for a Happier Pregnancy

pregnant belly bed pajamasPregnancy is a wild and epic adventure. In fact, it's one of the most spectacular (and often annoying and uncomfortable) undertakings you probably will ever accomplish. Are you ready for your pregnancy? On second thought, don't answer that. How about your bedroom? Is your bedroom ready for your pregnancy?

You spend about half your life in your bedroom sleeping. In your first trimester, it might feel like you're sleeping even more than half your life away. However, as your baby kicks more and your belly grows bigger and bigger, many of those hours might be wakeful ones. Best to prepare your sleeping room to be as comfortable, relaxing, and great for snoozing as it can be.


8 Bedroom Makeover Tips for a Happier Pregnancy

1. Think Sleep: In the beginning, you might feel like you can sleep anywhere, even standing up; however, many women find it harder to sleep well all the way into the third trimester. Invest in comfy sheets, a soft blanket, and a Snoogle Pillow ($49.99) or another comfy side-sleeping body pillows that makes pregnancy sleeping more comfortable.

2. Prepare for Mornings: If morning sickness strikes, you'll want to be ready. Prepare a little "morning basket" for crackers, apples, granola bars, hard candies, or other tummy-settling foods to nibble before you get out of bed. Other additions might include sea bands, B6 vitamins, a water bottle, or any other soothers you find can help. We even heard about a pregnant woman who made room for a mini fridge near her bed. Hey, whatever you need to do ...

3. Hello, Darkness: Good sleep requires good darkness. During pregnancy is the perfect time to get your room good and dark. Purchase some substantial window blinds or blackout shades. Once baby arrives, you'll be glad you made this change.

4. Be Creative: Pregnancy is the ultimate creative act. Many women have some of their most vivid dreams during pregnancy. Keep a journal by your bed for recording your pregnancy dreams or any other rampant thoughts or baby names running through your mind when you can't sleep.

5. Go Sexy: You've surely heard by now about the second trimester hormonal surge that'll have you jumping your honey's bones. Enjoy it! Buy some new maternity lingerie or even a sexy cotton tank and boy shorts.

6. Plan for Intimacy: Purchase massage oil and belly oils (make sure their scents are pleasing to you!) and keep them bedside so you and your sweets can share some intimacy even on days when sex doesn't sound appealing. Some magical massaging and touching might help you forget how cranky and huge you feel, too.

7. Stop the Burn: Later in your pregnancy, and for some women pretty early on, heartburn becomes a daily annoyance. Have some heartburn relievers close at hand. The whole bottle, in fact.

8. Get Relaxed: Stock your MP3 player with soothing tunes that bring your heart rate down and clear your racing thoughts. It's all going to get done, work out, and be okay, we swear.

What tips do you have for creating the ideal bedroom space for pregnancy? What do want to change in your bedroom?


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