Maternity Lingerie for the Lady and the Bump Okay?

maternity lingerieIt wasn’t too long ago that if you were pregnant and wanted to surprise your guy by wearing a little something special, you really didn't have many options.

But now, lots of companies are now making maternity-specific lingerie. And make no mistake -- these aren’t just granny panties with a hint of lace. This is some seriously sexy maternity stuff.

As far as I’m concerned, there are only two names you need to know when you are amping up your maternity lingerie: Cake Lingerie and HotMilk.


While you can find cute pieces at sites like Belabumbum and Fig Leaves, and even a few pieces at Agent Provocateur, they are nothing like the smoking hot offerings of Cake and HotMilk.

Cake’s overall feel is a little more demure, with more of a romantic edge. HotMilk goes straight for the jugular, with slightly suggestive, very Agent Provocateur-style imagery. Come home with a piece from either collection, and you will feel gorgeous, sexy, and completely proud of your new body.

That is the whole purpose of lingerie, right? To feel sexy and maybe even help create some special moments between you and your guy. It’s irksome -- no, maddening -- that it’s taken this long for pregnant women to get lingerie that is more than just Little House on the Prairie panties.

I polled a few of the guys I know, and all were unapologetic in favor of lingerie for pregnant women. It wasn't too long ago, however, that people were saying, "Ew, gross!" or even calling a mother's sexuality immoral.

But what do you think? Is pregnancy a time for more modesty, or is savoring your sexuality a good thing?


Image via Hot Milk Lingerie

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