Kristen Chase Has Unintentional Home Birth


Kristen Chase BabyThe Stir blogger, Kristen Chase, aka The Sometimes Single Mom, got the home birth she always wanted, only she had no intention of really getting it.

In a series of tweets early Monday morning, she described what went down when her contractions started coming faster than she could make it to the hospital. 

So I should know this but um contractions: how close how long before I should get my ass out the door?

Followed about five hours later by:

So, I got the home birth I always wanted.


Headed to hospital in ambulance. Baby arrived on guest bed with EMTs and husband.

Don't you love that she was tweeting from the ambulance? And with a sense of humor!

Midwife on phone. EMTs kept saying that they didn't see anything so I just pushed baby out. Do you see it now!?
For the record, my baby was delivered by a fireman named Kelly. My boy had a thick Southern accent but at least he could catch.

Her Twitter stream is addictive as more details trickle in -- carpet needs cleaning, no name as of yet, but mother and baby seem to be doing well.

What a birth a story!

Most women harbor some sort of fear that their birth won't happen as they plan, and there are plenty of stories of women having babies in cars and hotel lobbies and the like. But when you imagine your baby's birth, you don't actually believe it can happen like that ... until it does.

As she titled a recent column for The Stir: "Labor and Delivery Is a Lot Like Russian Roulette."


Congratulations, Kristen! We can't wait to hear more from you on this incredible birth experience.

Have you ever given birth somewhere unexpected or feared you would?

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Lo1427 Lo1427

Congrats Kristen!

sodapple sodapple

Congratulations Kristen! i always joked of giving birth in the subway in the middle of rush hour lol, but never happened thank goodness =-D

madfoot madfoot

Aw congratulations!! I almost did, it was a tense car ride !

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

Congrats!  That's wonderful!

tazdvl tazdvl


knab knab


Jennifer E. McKinney

I too delivered at home with hubby, EMTs, and paramedics. Water broke as the ambulance pulled up to the curb, and I was holding the baby nine minutes later. People at the park across the street stopped and stared as medics carried the baby and I out to the truck. I chirped, "It's a girl!" and they were all smiles and congratulations.

Susan Peterson

Congratulations!  But why go to the hospital once the baby is born?  (I had six babies 

Susan Peterson

Susan Peterson

at home,  I meant to add, but hit submit by mistake.  

One of the nicest things about a home birth is cuddling up with your baby in your own bed afterwards.  



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