My Friend Got the Invite to Attend My Labor

dan and annieA few months ago, I was posed with a request from my friend asking if he could attend my labor. I hemmed and hawed and asked everyone including you guys. The time has come. Baby is only three weeks away and I had to give him my answer. I decided that he can come join in as long as he follows a few rules ...

  1. No looking downstairs. I am just too immature to face him again if he sees my vageen in all its glory.
  2. He has to be my servant. I've sort of had this rule for nine months of pregnancy, but it must continue during labor. Ice chips please! Puff my pillow! Turn on the Today Show. Now, please.
  3. No photos. He's one of those constant picture takers. It's normally great because I'm so lazy about it, but I do not want photo evidence of what my poop face looks like. I plan to be lipglossed and glammed up before any clicks.
  4. No Facebook. He also is a constant Facebook updater. Many of you may even be reading this off his status right now. I do not want news of my dilated area blasted to old co-workers who annoy me.
  5. I need him to pay attention to the right things! I don't want him and my husband to get into deep conversations and funny memories while I'm laying there waiting to be focused on. It's all about me -- I mean baby. No inside jokes or comments on my loose boobs.

I'm actually really excited for him to come. I feel like it will add a whole new element to such an excited life event. Maybe he'll even hold one of my limp legs -- as long as his eyes stay up of course.

Has anyone had a friend attend their labor? Any advice?

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