Was Raped 12-Year-Old's Fetus 'Meant to Be'?

A 12-year-old and a 9-year-old were both raped in Pennsylvania and the 12-year-old victim -- just a child herself -- is now pregnant.

The alleged rapist -- Wayne A. Klotz, 47 -- is charged with rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault, false imprisonment, unlawful restraint, and corruption of minors. He terrorized the girls and told them that he would hurt them if they told.

And after victimizing this poor child in so many ways, some people -- including 78 Republican candidates -- believe that in cases like this, the victim should be forced to carry this baby.

Even though it could kill her to do so. Even though it will almost certainly ruin the childhood, which has likely already been damaged beyond repair. And even though these candidates have never directly spoken about this specific case, their "pro-life without discrimination" stance means that even in this most egregious case, abortion would be off-limits.

What are they smoking?


But judging from some of the responses to Would You Have Your Rapist's Baby? last week, some readers of The Stir agree:

One commenter said:

The choice is whether or not to kill a person who had nothing to do with the rape and obviously can't be blamed for it. Aside from that, the new baby is not half you and half rapist -- meiosis is not really that simple. The baby is a new individual who does have a right to life. Killing the baby will not turn back the hands of time and undo the rape.

Another said:

Your body -- your choice. Just like with sex. And when that right is taken away from you, there should be punishment. But that doesn't mean a third individual should be stripped of it's right to life either. Regardless of age or stage of development.

Another commenter said:

I have known two women who chose to give birth to their babies conceived by rape, and neither regrets it. In fact, one woman gave hers up for adoption (And still gets updates and pictures) and the other raises her baby with her new husband. Both little girls are beautiful and precious and deserve life. While both women regret HOW they came to be, neither regret that they came to be.

I wonder if they feel the same way about a victimized 12-year-old, a little girl who has already been so thoroughly traumatized, it's hard to imagine she will ever be normal. This child never had a "choice" as to whether or not to have sex and now she shouldn't have a "choice" as to whether or not she should carry the fetus to term?

We should expect this child to go through nine months of pregnancy, using her body, which is likely not even ready for the process, as a vessel for the child of the 47-year-old rapist. 

That is the right thing? That is God's plan?

I don't think so.

Do you think this child should be forced to carry the baby?

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