Don't Let Dad Name the Baby

babyLadies, whatever you do, don't let Dad name your new baby. They're crap at it. Or at least 40 percent of mothers seem to think so.

A new survey estimates 4 out of 10 women will actually completely disregard a dad's suggestion for his own child's name.

So, let's call a bi-otch a bi-otch, shall we? If you don't think dad is up to the task of naming his own kid, are you going to let him do anything ... ever?


Sure, he thinks Walker, Texas Ranger is hilarious.

But he has the right to throw out a few ridiculous ones. And you have the right to ask him for something else. And an obligation to try to make something out of nothing -- if not Obi Wan, what about Luke (leave off the Skywalker)?

The survey of 3,000 parents commissioned by the Bounty Parenting Club not surprisingly found that one third of couples have a falling out during the naming process. News flash: if you're telling him he sucks before he's even put his first diaper on backward, chances are you ARE going to fight.

On average, 15 percent of couples say they spend much of the pregnancy fighting over the name. Which sounds like nine miserable months.

So how do you avoid this whole debacle and still retain some authority over your baby's moniker? Besides dialing your controlling nag quotient down a notch, a few ideas:

1. Split the sexes. Allow him to choose the boy's name, you can pick the girl's.

2. Split the names. One partner picks the first name; the other selects the middle name.

3. Pick a letter and stick with it. That reduces your long list of names down to something easier to swallow.

4. Pick an ethnicity and stick with it. Ditto the manageability of the list.

5. Make your own NO WAY lists beforehand. That gets the strikes off the table and gives you room to actually agree on something.

6. Make your own YES lists. Then come up with a certain number each partner has to pick (is it 2, 3, 5?). Then put the list of OK'd names together and start debating.


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