Maternity Clothes: No Thanks!

wardrobeFor my first pregnancy I bought a whole new wardrobe of cute tailored dresses and cropped pants. I had so much to choose from. I spent a lot of money on maternity clothes and on the dry cleaning to keep the clothes looking new. I had my baby and proudly folded and packed the clothes away for the next pregnancy.

I don't know what happened in the last three years, but when I got pregnant this time and took that bag full of corny garments out of the closet I wondered, "What was I thinking?"


I tried on the dresses one by one. I looked like a house. Then on to the pants. Um, that panel that covers the belly -- NOT COMFORTABLE. I don't really want to think about the jeans. In real life, I spend hours making sure that my butt looks good -- isn't that point of jeans? Maternity jeans are for Heidi Klum and her body doubles only.

So, what is a pregnant woman to do? Well, this time, I worked from home, so I have to admit it was much easier to pull off not doing the whole maternity clothes thing. I really only needed a few simple staples to get away with it.

1. Loose or larger t-shirts. We all have them. Sometimes we use them for working out or lounging. They totally work. I even cut the tight neck out of an old tee to make it more comfortable and it ended up looking better.

2. Elastic waisted skirts. They are easy enough to find these days. Even if you have to buy maternity skirts, you can get them without that huge panel that covers your belly. Old Navy has them for under $15. They are much more comfortable than paneled pants.

3. Sun dresses (or sheath dresses if you live in cold weather). They give. They even show off your bump in a cute way. The only thing is you need them to be lined so that your cottage cheese doesn't show through.

4. Cool shoes or boots. This is a good way to keep your style. No matter what you wear on top, if your boots are still cool, you feel comfortable and fashionable.

5. A new hoodie. Most zip-up hoodies stretch. These days you can mix casual hoodies with skirts and dresses and anything you want. (Guys even wear them with ties.) They just feel so much more comfortable than dorky maternity sweaters and they look so much better, too.

I did go to a fancy lunch a few weeks ago and I had to rock one of my older, pressed maternity dresses, so there is a time and place where you have to give in. BUT -- save your money. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on buying clothes you don't even like that much. I wish someone had told me the first time.

Does anyone else have any tips?

Image via ~Duncan~/Flickr

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