Pregnant Sex: From Yes! Yes! Yes! to No! No! No!

nude pregnant bellyWith my first pregnancy, sex was never an issue. We had it almost as much as we did sans baby. This time, it seems I was the one who was into it and my husband not so much. Now that I'm eight months pregnant -- well, I'm the one that's not so into it. I have no idea how at this stage of pregnancy women do it.

I feel like this kid is going to pop out any minute. I can barely bend over to empty the dishwasher. My boobs are veiny, the circles under my eyes are a before photo for eye cream, and my ass cheeks are so mushy, when I sit, I can feel my bones -- not in a skinny way. The bottom line is, I'm just not that into it.


Of course there are various ways to physically do it. But, really, at this size, who wants to be on top? Who wants to be on the bottom either? There are no flattering angles at this point. Even if you are secure enough to not worry about the angles, there's the issue of the actual desire.

I know many women have sex to naturally induce labor. I'll take Pitocin. I cannot imagine that four weeks from now I'll be able to even lie down comfortably. I must switch sleeping positions 30 times before I fall asleep.

I feel like a lot of my friends had sex late into their pregnancies. I did it too -- the first time. Is this just about me getting older? Is my unborn kid making me lame?

Did anyone else see a difference in their sex drive between their first and second? How about that last month of pregnancy? Did you actually really want to do it? Or you wanted to want to do it so you did it?

Image via 3Neus/Flickr

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